The best plastic surgeon in Tehran

The best plastic surgeon in Tehran

One of the most important specialties in the field of medicine is plastic surgery. This surgery can solve problems or cosmetic surgery in the wrong parts of the body. A plastic surgeon can perform all activities including local slimming, facial cosmetic surgery, skin repair or grafting, prosthetics, etc.

Plastic surgeons perform many cosmetic surgeries in order to fix defects and injuries to different parts of the body. These surgeries are different from selective liposuction to skin transfer techniques to repair injuries caused after sunburn and accidents, but each of these surgeries requires high skill and knowledge of the surgeon. Before a plastic surgeon can get a certificate and medical license, she needs to spend 8 years in a medical school in plastic surgery.

medical School

A plastic surgeon must first complete a general medical course, then before starting plastic surgery, she needs to complete a residency course for about 5 years. It should be noted that a plastic surgeon is capable of performing all types of cancer surgery, abdominal cosmetic surgery, breast cosmetic surgery, pediatric surgery, etc.

Types of plastic surgery

Some surgeries that can be performed by a plastic surgeon:


Removing excess fat in just a few hours is the wish of many people. By performing liposuction surgery, all excess fat accumulated in the thigh, abdomen, arms, sides, etc. can be removed. Excess skin is removed during liposuction surgery.

Abdominoplasty surgery

Abdominoplasty is another suitable method for people who have a lot of fat. In this method, fat is removed and muscles are tightened. During an abdominoplasty surgery, incisions and stitches are needed.

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Breast lift surgery or mammoplasty

People who have drooping breasts are always looking for ways to get rid of it. Exercise and other methods are very time-consuming and the desired result may not be achieved. Plastic surgeons suggest mammoplasty for these people. With this method, you can look created suitable for the individual.

Breast prosthesis surgery

Breast prosthesis or breast enlargement by prosthesis method is one of the limited methods of body cosmetic surgery. Many people who have small breasts due to genetic problems, unprincipled diets, breastfeeding, etc. can solve their problem by doing this method. Sometimes, this method is also suggested for people who have had a breast emptying operation due to breast cancer.

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The best plastic surgeon in Tehran

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