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Sometimes, in my free time, when I read the conversations of rhinoplasty patients with each other in discussion forums, I come across a question: Who is the best rhinoplasty surgeon? Who is the best nose surgeon in Tehran and Iran? When I go down a little between the content and the answers, I come across many answers and unfortunately sometimes they are far from the mind and contrary to reality.
The disease says: I went to so-and-so doctor and it was very good… Another patient says that I went to so-and-so doctor for my nose surgery and it was very good. Another patient came and told all the nose surgery doctors that they were bad and bad, and finally praised another surgeon! Unfortunately, many of these articles and answers were written by the rhinoplasty surgeons themselves or their assistants and secretaries to guide the patient to choose the doctor of their choice. Some websites have also hired an employee for this job and called it Filler! Their job is to ask and answer questions themselves.

Search to find the best nose surgeon on the internet

As a patient and a candidate for nose surgery, you should not trust many of the contents on the Internet and you should always consider the following features when choosing the best nose surgeon:

The characteristics of a good rhinoplasty surgeon include good knowledge of rhinoplasty, sufficient experience in the number of operations, honesty with the patient in stating the facts during and after rhinoplasty. My advice to patients has always been to visit the website or the doctor’s office to see examples of her nose surgery work and even talk to patients. Of course, be aware that you may encounter a person who sits among the patients most days and has a beautiful nose who just last week had her nose operated by our good nose surgeon.

How to find the best rhinoplasty surgeon?

The truth is that there is no one doctor or surgery that is right for everyone. Choosing a good plastic surgery can be a wonderful and positive experience for you, so remember not to rush it. Also, this experience is very personal, so the successful practice of those around you does not mean that you will definitely have a good experience with that doctor.

There are several criteria that you can use to evaluate a surgeon, we will examine the most important ones:

  1. Have a specialized board in plastic surgery or ear, nose and throat
  2. Examples of doctor’s work
    Since everyone’s face is unique, cosmetic plastic surgery requires art in addition to medical education and knowledge. This means that the best rhinoplasty surgeon for you is someone whose style of work matches your aesthetic goals and who can tailor the treatment to your unique circumstances. And this is one of the reasons why you can’t just type a phrase like “best plastic surgeons near me” Search for ” on the Internet and select the first result. Therefore, carefully check the nose surgery of the former patients of your doctor to understand the surgeon’s taste and method
  3. Measure the quality of the surgical site

After choosing a suitable surgeon, the second most important criterion is the quality of the clinic or hospital where the surgery is performed. The high standard of equipment and the hospital’s treatment team have a significant impact on having a successful operation.

Ways of communication with Dr. Reza Vaghardoost

Secretary contact number: 09123366511             09120929195

Office address:   Tehran- Venk – Koche Sanei – Noor Doctors Building – 3rd Floor – Unit 11

Instagram page of Dr. Reza Waqer Dost

The cost of nose surgery by Dr. Reza Vaghardoost

According to the method used for the type of nose (requirement of bone nose surgery and meat nose surgery, etc.), the cost of the clinic, etc., after the examination in the nose consultation session, Dr. Vaghardoost will inform you of the cost. You can also ask your question on the direct Instagram page of Dr. Reza Waqer Dost or call 09123366511 for more information about the costs.

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