Teaching nose taping after surgery

Steps and how to glue the nose after the operation

After the operation, the nose will be swollen and taping the nose after surgery will help you a lot to reduce this swelling and will also speed up the healing process of the nose. Also, by using glue frequently and correctly, you will help shape your nose better, so don’t neglect it.

If the use of nasal tape is done properly, it will cause proper pressure on the skin of the nose and reduce the swelling in all parts of the nose in the same way.

How long is the use of nasal tape after nose surgery?

This period of time varies according to the type of nose skin, but in general, this period varies between 1 month and 1 and a half months, and it is better for a person to use glue.

In the first two weeks after nose surgery, applying adhesive helps in better formation and prevents inflammation and swelling, and after the beginning of the third week, adhesive is effective in reducing swelling and inflammation. Therefore, it is necessary to use glue in the first two weeks, but after this time, it is better for a person to use glue on his nose for a month and a half so that the swelling of the nose subsides sooner and the nose takes a better shape.

In people who have medium or relatively thick nose skin, it is better to increase this time.

Advantages of nose taping

  • Faster deflation time
  • Forming and forming a better nose
  • Warning to people to create awareness about the operation of the nose and not to hit it

The correct way to glue the nose

first stage: Choosing the right glue

Choosing the right glue for the nose, which usually has a diameter of 1 cm.

second stage: Cleaning the surface of the skin of the nose

First, wash your face with soap and water, and then carefully clean the skin on the nose and cheeks with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol and wait 10 minutes until the skin is completely dry.

third level: Cut the glue to the required dimensions

According to the dimensions of the nose, we cut the glue to the desired size

6 to 8 pieces of glue measuring 3 to 4 cm

2 pieces of glue measuring 10 to 12 cm

Fourth step: Sticking pieces of glue on the nose

Standing in front of the mirror, start pasting 3-4 cm pieces of glue from the top of the nose to the bottom in a transverse manner and glue in such a way that a small amount of glue is placed under the previous glue. Then gently press the pieces of glue until they are well fixed.

Now glue the 10 to 12 cm piece of glue lengthwise in an English U shape on the lower part of the nose. The middle of the adhesive tape should be placed exactly under the tip of the nose and the tape should go up from the side of the nose. But pay attention that the adhesives do not block the nostrils so that you don’t have a problem while breathing. Finally, gently secure the glue in place with your fingers.

Then put the next 10 to 12 cm piece of glue on the nose according to the previous recipe.

This time again, from the bottom of the nose to the top, we start to stick the 3-4 cm pieces of glue, and then gently press the pieces of glue on the nose so that they stick well, and carefully remove the excess glue with scissors. do.

How to remove the glue from the nose

It is very important to be careful when opening the nasal tape as well as applying it. Because if you don’t remove the glue properly, you may damage the tissues under the skin, that’s why we recommend that you remove the glue under a warm shower. in such a way that the glue is well moistened and it is easier to separate from the skin. Remove the glue slowly so as not to stretch the skin.

How often should we change the nasal patch?

Depending on the type of skin, the duration varies. For people with oily skin, it is better to change the adhesive every other day, and for people with dry skin, this period is 3 days. It is also better to allow the skin to rest for two to three hours after removing the glue from the skin so that it can breathe, and then apply the glue again.

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