Procedures before nose surgery

People who are planning to have their nose operated should take steps to get the best results from their nose operation before undergoing rhinoplasty. For this purpose, we are trying to review these measures together in this section so that you will be aware of these cases.

The most important point before rhinoplasty is to choose an experienced nose surgeon so that he can help you in this matter.
After choosing the desired nose surgeon, visit the doctor by making an appointment and tell him all your expectations from the nose job so that he can give you the necessary guidance.
To be sure of the result of the work, be sure to see the previous examples of the nose surgery of the doctor you are considering.
To see the sample of Dr. Vaghardoost’s work, you can visit the nose surgery sample page or the doctor’s Instagram.
If you are allergic to certain medicines or foods, be sure to discuss with your doctor.
Inform your doctor if you are taking certain medications.
Do all the tests that the doctor has planned for you.
Avoid taking all herbal medicines and medicines that cause blood thinning two weeks before the nose surgery.
Avoid smoking and alcohol two weeks before the nose job.
It is better for men to shave their beards for nose surgery.
Women should also be without makeup on the day of the operation.
It is better not to eat anything 8 hours before the nose surgery.




Some other procedures before nose surgery:

Eat a light dinner the night before nose surgery and fast on the day of surgery.
The clothes you are wearing should have buttons so as not to put pressure on the nose.
Carry the results of all the tests with you on the day of the nose job.


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