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Comprehensive information about ear beauty with otoplasty surgery + photos

People’s appearance is one of their main concerns. Many factors affect our appearance and will increase our self-confidence and more success in our social relationships. Therefore, various types of cosmetic surgery have been expanded in recent years to increase the beauty of people. Due to the fact that the ear is one of the most important parts of the face and one of the most influential factors in the beauty of a person’s face, in recent years, ear surgery has become common as well as nose surgery.

Definition of otoplasty

Otoplasty or ear cosmetic surgery is a type of cosmetic procedure that aims to change the size, style and position of the ears. If you are unhappy with the shape of your ears or there is a congenital problem with the shape of your ears, you may need otoplasty. In addition, otoplasty is also performed for people whose ears have been damaged in an accident.

The most common reasons for performing otoplasty

Most people who are prescribed otoplasty or ear cosmetic surgery have the following problems:

The presence of birth defects

The ears should be big compared to the head

The edge of the ears should be at a greater distance from the head

The person is dissatisfied with the previous cosmetic surgery of her ear

Advantages of ear cosmetic surgery

People who undergo otoplasty surgery will enjoy many benefits, including:

Many ear defects are corrected.

The surgery is safe and has little or rare risks.

In this type of operation, the size of the cuts created is very small.

Otoplasty has a very short rest period, i.e. approximately one week.

Children are not teased by their friends and family.

The level of self-confidence and satisfaction of a person with her beauty.

The most important congenital disorders that require otoplasty

 The person’s ears are too big

The human ear is small and underdeveloped

There is a gap in the earlobe

Abnormal ear folds can cause edges and make a person’s ear look like a fairy’s ear

A person’s ear does not have an earlobe

The curvature above the ear is reversed and towards the patient’s head

There is a space between the bulb and the external curvature of the ear similar to a question mark

The edges of the ears are folded forward like a cat

The ear is like a cup and the curve of the ear is inward and as if hanging

The ears are rolled forward like a scroll

The upper part of the ear curve is hidden inside the head

Ways of communication with Dr. Reza Vaghardoost

Secretary contact number: 09123366511 09120929195

Office address: Tehran- Venk- Koche Sanei- Noor doctors building- 3rd floor- unit 11

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Time and conditions of recovery after surgery

Most people can return to their daily activities after about 5 days of otoplasty surgery. Children can return to school after about 7 days after ear cosmetic surgery, but they should not participate in sports activities.

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