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Non-invasive methods, as the name suggests, are a set of methods that can be used to treat a person without interfering with her body or to reduce the patient’s problems in order to increase self-confidence and the quality of life of the person.

The best non-invasive methods and their advantages

Treatment with non-invasive methods has many advantages over surgery, among its advantages, it can be mentioned that it is simpler and does not use a surgical blade. Also, in this model of procedures, the recovery time of the person as well as the rest period is very short, and the person can achieve full recovery in a much shorter period of time than surgery. In the following, we mention the types of non-invasive methods that are performed by Dr. Waghardoost’s clinic, and you can use these non-invasive methods to solve your problems and get maximum satisfaction from the results of these measures and regain your lost self-confidence. .

Gel injection is one of the most effective non-invasive methods

Gel injection is one of the non-invasive methods for solving defects and problems in a person, which has different types. In fact, gel injection refers to fillers, skin volume enhancers and fillers that have a gel-like structure and are usually used for skin rejuvenation, but they also include other uses that we will mention below, so stay with us to Learn more about this non-invasive method.

What effect does lip gel injection have on the lips?

Most people like to have big and prominent lips, but many of them do not have this feature, but this desire can be fulfilled by using the non-invasive method of lip gel injection. Today, a large number of people inject gel into the lips and benefit from this method, but you should pay attention to the fact that this work requires expertise, and to do it, you should see a specialist doctor to reduce the risk and damage. Reduce a lot and avoid the damage that you may face in the future. Therefore, we request you not to do it by non-experts for the sake of reducing costs and also the ease of using these methods, and do it by referring to a specialist doctor and using his knowledge, because these methods are also a part of plastic surgery. And it cannot be done on your own.

Gel injections into the lips are divided into two categories: permanent and temporary, but in general it is better to use a temporary gel so that if you are not satisfied with the result of the work or if you are tired after a while, you can remove the gel more easily and the lips will be return to its original state, although you can use permanent and semi-permanent gels as well, but in general, it is better to do this after consulting a specialist doctor and after consulting a specialist doctor, the best option is to inject gel into your lips.خاب کنید.

Everything we need to know about cheek gel injection

Certainly, with increasing age and decreasing skin collagen, it is normal for the skin to become loose and the cheeks to droop. For this reason, many people seek to maintain the freshness and youth of their face. One of these methods is applying gel in such a way that with low cost, error percentage and low risk, it makes the person’s face regain its youth and eliminates sagging and wrinkles created on the person’s face. Cheek gel injection is not limited to a certain age and people who have the conditions to do it can benefit from this method and use it.

Cheek gel injection is generally one of the most popular types of gel injection, which helps to make your face more prominent and beautiful, and makes you have a fresh and young face even at an older age. Also, recently, gel injection among young people has also faced a significant growth, and by using it, they help their cheek prominence and benefit from this method, so considering this issue, it can be said that gel injection in the cheek is limited to There is no special age and everyone can use it.

For which people is cheek gel injection suitable?

  • People who are not smokers.
    A person who has an elongated or so-called rectangular face.
    People who have a thin face.
    A person’s cheek has wrinkles.
    People who have lost their cheek fat as they age.

What is meant by angularizing the face with gel?

Today, angling the face or modeling the face has become very popular among many people, including men and women. Of course, we all want to have a beautiful and flawless face, and this facial beauty actually helps to increase our self-confidence, that’s why the use of non-invasive methods such as gel injection on the face is increased so that people can improve their facial defects and problems. easily cover and enjoy their attractive appearance to the fullest. In angularizing the face, the points that play a greater role in a person’s appearance are highlighted so that their fit with the rest of the face components increases and the person’s beauty shows itself in a greater way. Angularizing the face is certainly not suitable for all people and should be done after consulting an experienced doctor in order to get the maximum satisfaction from the result of the injection.

Fat injection is one of the best non-invasive methods

Fat injection into the skin is another method of skin rejuvenation, in which fat is used as a filler, which gives more volume to the skin and also rejuvenates it. In the non-invasive method of fat injection, the person’s own fat is used and it lasts longer than other types, and the body tissues do not react negatively to the injected fat tissues. Also, if the principles of doing this procedure are followed and under the supervision of a specialist doctor, the side effects of doing this work are very limited and insignificant. In the following, we mention the types of fat injection and learn more about them.

What is the effect of lip fat injection on lip volume?

Prominent and beautiful lips are one of the factors that can determine a person’s face and attractiveness. Many factors, including sunlight, smoking, and diet can be decisive in accelerating the aging process and the appearance of signs on the face and lip tissue, and help to accelerate the aging process. To deal with the aging process and also to increase the volume of the lips, you can use fat injection to the lips, which has little side effects due to the fact that the person’s own skin is used for this procedure, and the person’s body accepts it more easily, and the duration of the injection lasts. Lip fat is considered long-term and requires only one injection, but again, pay attention to the fact that this method also requires an experienced doctor in order to have maximum satisfaction from lip fat injection..

Face beautification by injecting fat into the cheek

Usually, people who have a thin face and do not have prominent cheeks due to weight loss, disease complications, and genetic structure of the face, do this procedure to eliminate their facial defects. Fat injection to the cheek is one of the best methods. It is to create cheek prominence, with the help of which, a person can have a prominent and beautiful cheek and regain his lost self-confidence. Cheek gel injection is one of the almost safe methods that is performed by removing fat tissue from the person’s body and injecting it into the face and cheeks, for this reason, the person’s body does not react inappropriately to it and does not reject it, so to speak.

What is the effect of fat injection to the chin on the face?

In recent years, injecting gel into the chin has grown significantly among people, and many people have turned to angularizing the face and creating a well-shaped and attractive chin. This procedure is very quick and after performing the procedure, the person can fully enjoy his symmetrical and attractive face and regain his self-confidence. Many methods leave a mark on the person’s body, but the advantage of gel injection is that after doing it, the person gets the attractiveness of his face without leaving any sign of the place of fat injection.

Increase self-confidence by injecting gel into the buttocks

Aging, in addition to the effects it has on the face, also shows itself in other parts of the body, including the buttocks, which you can solve this problem by injecting gel, which makes the buttocks plump and shapely. As a result, a person’s body looks younger, which is exactly what people want to achieve through cosmetic surgery.

One of the methods of increasing the volume and shaping of the buttocks is gel injection, which helps a person to have attractive buttocks, but the full recovery period after performing this operation is 3 months, so that the final and expected result of the person can be seen.

Breast lift by injecting fat into the breast

Fat injection to the breast is used when you want to increase the volume in the breast or give a better shape to your breast without surgery and breast prosthesis. At this time, you can use the method of fat injection to the breast. Fat injection into the breast is done using the person’s own fat, as a result, it has limited and insignificant side effects and is not rejected by the person’s body. Also, injecting jerbi into the breast is also used for breast lift, and you can easily do this by consulting a specialist doctor. Also, one of the most important features of each person’s body is their special organs, and women always attach special importance to their breasts, which they can easily achieve and enjoy by using this method.

Face rejuvenation with forehead botox injection

The muscles of the forehead as well as the skin of the forehead lose their elasticity with age, which eventually causes the formation of lines on the forehead. Due to the fact that the presence of wrinkles on a person’s forehead has a great effect on a person’s appearance, many people turn to Botox injection, which relaxes the forehead muscle and pulls it up, thus causing Wrinkles and lines will disappear.

Botox injection is one of the newest non-invasive methods

Botox injection is one of the methods of skin rejuvenation and skin wrinkle removal that many people have benefited from this method in recent years. Botox is an injectable drug that helps a person to get rid of wrinkles and skin lines by paralyzing the muscles, and finally, it removes wrinkles and rejuvenates the skin.

Botox injection is one of the non-invasive methods that are widely used in skin rejuvenation and is used as a safe and effective way to eliminate lines.

What are the benefits of forehead botox?
  • Botox injection on the forehead causes wrinkles and forehead lines to disappear and finally gives the person a younger appearance.
    Botox is a common method to eliminate forehead lines and rejuvenate the face, and it makes the face look natural, and the result of this injection is usually acceptable.
    This method does not require surgery and anesthesia, and its speed is also high and it costs less compared to other methods.
    After Botox injection, a person can easily carry out his daily activities and does not need to rest.
Laugh line botox injection and its effect on the face

Laughter lines usually start from the side of the nose and continue to the corner of the mouth. Also, the laugh line deepens with age and makes the person look older than usual. At this time, you can use Botox injection in the laugh line area to help rejuvenate your skin by eliminating these lines. Make the person regain his lost self-confidence.

Reduction of sweating through underarm botox injection

Botox injection in the armpits is used when a person is facing a relatively large amount of sweating in this area and uses Botox injection to reduce it. By injecting Botox into the armpits, the sweat glands that are responsible for producing sweat are disabled, and eventually the person sweats less.

Benefits of underarm Botox injections
  • Returning the person to a normal life and not worrying about excessive sweating
    Not obsessed
    Lack of isolation and seclusion in the person
    Doing social and personal activities without worry

In this text, we have tried to convey to you all the non-invasive methods to beautify you and rejuvenate your skin, but I emphasize again that all these methods must be performed under the supervision of a specialist and experienced doctor in order to achieve maximum satisfaction. Have this list of activities and the result will go as you expected. We recommend you to do these things in consultation with Dr. Reza Waqardoost so that you will be completely satisfied.

And finally, thank you for being with us and be sure to comment your questions below this article and add your comments to help us progress day by day.