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All about breast reduction with mammoplasty surgery

In addition to the role of nutrition for babies, an organ like the breast in women will also bring beauty. Maybe this role is much more important for women than its nutritional role.

Now imagine that this beautifying organ not only creates beauty but also causes ugliness. This ugliness can be seen in being too small or too big.

Therefore, women turn to breast surgery, which is generally called mammoplasty, to solve this group of problems. But if this beautification is done in the direction of enlarging the breast, it is called augmentation mammoplasty, and if it is done in the direction of small breast, it is called reduction mammoplasty.

However, due to the fact that reduction mammoplasty, in addition to beautifying the breast, also eliminates some complications caused by the size of the breasts, in line with this common surgery among women, we decided to provide detailed explanations in this regard, so that the applicants can step in with more knowledge. Mammoplasty surgery. Continue with us:

Beauty can also be in breast reduction

Reduction mammoplasty, or the famous breast reduction surgery, is one of the surgeries whose psychological effect will be more than its physical effect.

Women who have very large breasts often go to the doctor’s office due to low self-confidence. Of course, other hidden reasons will also be significant factors for this referral. These people want this surgery due to the excessive weight of the breasts, which leads to pain in the chest or shoulder area, or due to burning sweat and creating wounds under the chest.

Women with very large breasts sometimes confuse the pains caused by breast stones with heart pains, and by examination and examination, they can be sure about this issue that these pains are only due to the size of their breasts.

Mammoplasty surgery is also known as a life-saving surgery among these women.

From garlic to onion mammoplasty surgery

First of all, we must say that this surgery can meet the needs of women in the form of liposuction, and the surgeon does not make incisions and remove excess breast tissue.

But is this surgery done in the form of?

When women go to the surgeon for mammoplasty, the surgeon will first inform the patient about the result of the surgery by checking the medical records. In the next step, when the parties have agreed on the size of the breast, the surgeon recommends the procedures before the mammoplasty and the points that the patient should follow and prepares her for the surgery.

On the promised day, the surgeon marks the incision areas by drawing lines on the patient’s chest. Of course, if the doctor’s choice for this surgery is not only liposuction.

After these procedures, the surgeon prepares the patient for anesthesia. In this regard, the surgeon will use general anesthesia.

After anesthesia, the surgeon will make an incision. The incisions in mammoplasty surgery can be different according to the doctor’s diagnosis.

The three common types of mammoplasty incisions are:

Nipple halo cut

Keyhole-shaped incision in which the surgeon starts an incision from the areola of the breast and continues to the fold of the breast.

Reverse T-shaped incision, in which the incision starts from below the breast crease and continues to the areola of the breast.

tip: Women should note that the type of incision will depend on the surgeon’s diagnosis. The next noteworthy point is the scars left on the chest, which most women prefer to suffer from the heaviness of the chest and other complications caused by the large size of the breast. Scars will be more visible in halo cuts, but all these complications will be hidden from the eyes by wearing special clothes for women.

After making an incision, the surgeon removes the extra areas of the breast and performs a breast lift. If the surgeon has to change the position of the nipple during this surgery, she will make a precise placement and suture the cut areas.

Finally, after the end of anesthesia, the result of this surgery is tangible and visible immediately. Women should note that the cut and suture areas will be more visible after the surgery, and these areas will fade over time.

Is it necessary to say goodbye to breast-feeding with mammoplasty?

Maybe this question is a concern of applicants for this surgery, in response we must say that according to the incision area in the mammoplasty surgery –which will involve the areola of the breast-, this surgery can affect the quality of breastfeeding, because the incisions will cause the relative destruction of the lactation channels. became. But today’s mammoplasty surgery methods emphasize on maintaining the ability of women to breastfeed.

Some basic points after mammoplasty surgery

This surgery does not end in the operating room. In fact, care after breast surgery, both reduction mammoplasty and augmentation mammoplasty, will guarantee the final result. Therefore, following the recommendations below will have a significant effect on the favorable outcome of this surgery. The recommendations are as follows:

  • Do not be afraid of the feeling of confusion and heaviness of the head after surgery, these symptoms are only due to the effects of anesthetic drugs.
  • You must be careful to use the medicines prescribed by the surgeon on time.
  • Start consuming food with liquids.
  • Use fruits such as pineapple, which are powerful wound healers.
  • Strictly avoid smoking and alcohol for 1 month after surgery.
  • A very important point after breast surgery is the use of special bras after surgery, which will have a great impact on the result of the surgery.
  • Women should postpone bathing after surgery for 2 days.
  • You should be careful to dry the scars regularly and if necessary, use special ointments to lighten the scars as prescribed by the doctor.

Is rhinoplasty painful?

Not for most people. One day after the operation, most people do not feel any pain and their slight pain is improved by using the prescribed painkillers.

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Does mammoplasty surgery have complications?

This surgery, like other surgeries, can be accompanied by many complications, which can be prevented in two ways: First, choosing the best plastic surgeon, and secondly, following the recommendations after the surgery mentioned above. But the possible complications of mammoplasty are:

  • Dangers of anesthesia
  • Breast asymmetry
  • Getting an infection
  • Inflammation and bruising
  • Damage to breast tissue
  • Tightening of the breasts
  • Accumulation of fluid under the skin
  • Inability to breastfeed
  • Possible numbness in the nipple

The cost of mammoplasty surgery

The cost of this surgery depends on the surgeon’s expertise, the type of surgery and the method of performing it, as well as costs such as: The cost of the hospital, the cost of anesthesia and the cost of drugs before and after the surgery will be different. It is worth considering in choosing the best plastic surgeon who can guarantee the results of the surgery for the patients.

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