Getting to know the types of noses and their differences

Getting to know the types of nose shapes and their differences with each other + personality based on nose shape

There are different types of noses that can be classified based on their gender or shape. First, we will discuss the types of noses based on their gender, which is more important in medical science, and then we will explain the different criteria to identify the gender of the nose. Then we will examine the types of noses based on their shape, which can be very diverse in terms of race and genetics. Also, in this article, we refer to the subject of personality based on nose type.

Types of noses

Noses are classified into fleshy and bony categories based on the texture of the skin on the nose and its cartilage bone.

Bony noses have thin skin and hard and solid cartilage. Also, fleshy noses have thick skin and soft cartilage.

A common mistake in the society is that people think that a fancy nose is one of the types of nose, when it is considered one of the types of nose surgery in which the nose arch is significantly increased and the size of the nose tip is very small.

To read more about fancy nose surgery, you can refer to this article

All noses generally   include four main parts:

  1. outer layer: It is the same skin on the nose, under which there is a layer of fat
  2. Middle layer: It is a thin layer of muscle that is attached to its lower part, the cartilage bone.
  3. inner layer : It is a layer consisting of mucus and skin that forms the inner part of the nose

bony nose

A bony nose, or in popular terms, an eagle and humpback nose, has thin and delicate skin

Bony nose feature

  • In most people, there is a bump on the nose.
  • It has a thin skin that is flexible and elastic
  • It has firm bone and cartilage tissue

What is the reason for people’s noses to be bony?

Non-standard growth of nasal cartilage and protrusion on it can occur due to environmental factors and heredity:

  • Hereditary factors

If your father or mother has a bony nose, it is natural that you have inherited this appearance characteristic genetically and congenitally   In this case, your nose becomes bony at puberty

  • Environmental factors

The nose may be hit by an accident and become a problem. Factors such as a car accident or an impact during exercise can cause a broken nose, which in most cases is accompanied by respiratory problems.


fleshy nose

A fleshy nose is a nose that has thick skin and fatty tissue.
We can divide meat noses into the following two categories:

  1. Noses that have thick skin
  2. Noses whose skin may not be thick, but the layer of fat under the skin is thick

General characteristics of fleshy noses

  1. thick skin
  2. Generally, the tip of the nose is large and wide
  3. The surface of normal skin is oily and you can clearly see the oil pores on the skin
  4. The tip of the nose is down
  5. Has soft cartilage

What is the difference between fleshy and bony nose?

In fact, noses are divided into two categories, bony and fleshy, based on the type of skin, which is the most important factor.
Bony noses have thin and usually dry skin, and fleshy noses have thick skin, which usually has many sebaceous glands on its surface.

There may be people who have a crooked nose but still have thick and fat skin, and these people belong to the fleshy nose category. The opposite is also true; there are people who have wide and large nose tips but still have thin skin.

But because usually in people who  They have thin skin, the details under the skin such as cartilage and bone are clear, the defects of the bridge of their nose can be seen, and that is why their noses are generally bulging, while in fleshy noses, the thickness of the skin and fat layer makes the nasal bone not clear and the defects The septum of the nose should not be identified.

Personality based on the type and shape of your nose

A large number of your physical characteristics, such as your facial features or your fingerprints, make you unique.

Have you ever wondered what the shape of your nose says about your personality?

Or have you ever thought that the nose anatomy of the people around you shows the hidden aspects of their personality.

Noses have different models that we can put each of them in one of the six groups below.

  • Nubian nose
  • eagle nose
  • Greek nose
  • button nose
  • straight nose
  • concave nose

1. Nubian nose

Nubia is the name of an ancient country in the African continent, so you can guess that black people are included in this category. This type of nose has an arched nose bridge and a wide and large nose tip.

What are the characteristics of these people?

People with this type of nose are very curious and charismatic that attract other people, they are optimistic but at the same time realistic and logical people.  In fact, their optimism does not prevent their logic. They also have a great desire to learn and adventure. The humility of these people is exemplary and they are also very strong speakers.

Known faces

Among the famous people in this category, we can mention the former President of the United States, Barack Obama, and the famous American singers, Beyoncé and Rihanna, as well as Oprah.

2. Eagle nose

This type of nose is compared to the beak of birds. This type of nose has a raised nose bridge and a downward tip. It is interesting to know that people with this type of nose have authentic and ancient genes.

Personality traits of these people

People with an eagle nose are thoughtful and opinionated. They defend their opinions with pride and do not shy away from risk and excitement. One of its distinguishing features is their sense of selflessness. Your thinking, wisdom and creativity have made them politicians

Famous people with aquiline noses

Famous people with this type of nose include Prince Philip,  , a member of the Great Britain royal family.

3. Greek nose

Ancient Greek sculptures were the reason for naming this type of nose. These people have a flat and narrow nose bridge and a sharp and downward tip.

What is the character of these people?

People with this nose shape are conservative and very useful for society. They are also very loyal to the people around them and their work. They are willing to do anything so that the secret you have told them is not revealed. They are just people who do not trust anyone easily and they will not tell their secrets to people who have not gained their full trust.

Celebrities who have a Greek nose:

Jennifer Aniston, the actress of the famous series Friends, is one of the well-known people who has this nose model.

4. Button nose

These types of noses are short in length and the   model is very common, about 15% of people have this beautiful nose model.

What is the personality of people with a button nose?

People are committed to work and very determined and willful in doing activities. They are also very social and usually participate in various activities. Time is very valuable for them and they plan carefully for every minute

They usually make decisions with their hearts and often get what they want.

5. Straight nose

In this type, the septum of the nose is flat and narrow and the tip of the nose is round.

Moral characteristics of these people

People are quite emotional in making decisions. They are very fond of reading books and understand other people’s feelings very well. Most of the time, they are patient and calm and they don’t like anyone to disturb them. The only thing that can make them nervous is when they feel that their loved ones are in danger or something has hurt them.

Famous people have this type of nose, the famous American actress Natalie Portman.

6. Concave nose

They have a small arch on the nose bone, the tip of the nose is forward and slightly sharp.

What is the mood of those who have a concave nose?

People are very sensitive and easily hurt, but they mostly pretend to be happy and don’t express their feelings. They are wonderful friends and are always there to help you and stay by your side in difficult times.

Beautiful American model Taylor Hill and Rooney Mara have this type of nose.

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