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With increasing age, as well as hormonal changes and improper diet, exposure to direct sunlight and not using sunscreens and skin lotions, the facial skin loses its freshness and youth and the person’s face shows signs of aging. What should be done at this time? How to have a beautiful and younger face? These are questions that surely arise for all people, but what is the solution? Stay with us to answer these questions.

Freshness and youthfulness of the face through gel injection

Today, with the advancement of science, you can have beautiful and refreshing skin as much as possible. One of these ways is gel injection, which can be used to rejuvenate your skin and restore your lost self-confidence and enjoy a young and attractive face. But you should pay attention to the fact that this gel injection must be done under the supervision of a specialist doctor so that you get the maximum satisfaction from injecting the gel into the tissues of the face and body.

Gel injection is usually used to restore lost volume, remove wrinkles and fix and so to speak, correct the shape of the face and body. Also, gel injection has different types and different target members, we will mention the types of gel injection in the following, and then we will review the types of gel and how to use it and its possible complications and disadvantages, so stay with us to answer any questions you may have. Maybe we can answer for you what happened in relation to gel injection.

What is the reason for the popularity of lip gel injection?

Of course, one of the main criteria, especially for women, is to have prominent and beautiful lips, but naturally, not all people are born with prominent lips, but fortunately, with advances in medical science, you can easily benefit from having prominent and beautiful lips. One of the ways you can have prominent lips is by injecting lip gel, which does not have any side effects, and by doing that you will have beautiful and prominent lips.

Injection of gel into the cheek and its effect on the face

One of the main reasons for sagging cheeks in aging people is that when the collagen production of the skin of the person’s cheek decreases, it goes out of its natural state and reduces the youth and freshness of your face. Injection of gel into the cheek by highlighting and thus making the face look more beautiful will make you more confident and achieve maximum satisfaction with your face.

Benefits of angularizing the face with gel

Angularizing the face of Bagel is one of the operations that has recently gained high popularity among people and many people started to do it, in general, gel injection is the most popular method among the methods of angulating the face. This method is popular among men and women, and the result is a beautiful and well-shaped face, which is given to you by an experienced doctor.

Why is it common to angle the jaw with gel?

  • Angularizing the jaw with gel is another method that has grown significantly among many young people today, including men and women. They bring the angular to themselves. Injection of gel into the jaw is one of the easiest methods available, and a person can easily resume their daily activities after doing it.
    Note: In this section, we have learned about various gel injection methods, stay with us to answer any questions you may have regarding this issue.

Tips about gel injection that you should know

One of the important things that you should pay attention to when injecting gel or filler is the use of high-quality materials that cause the least sensitivity, risks and side effects for you. At Dr. Reza Waqardoost clinic, we have always tried to use high-quality raw materials in all kinds of beauty treatments, so that you have maximum satisfaction from your beauty procedures. Also, another determining factor regarding beauty treatments is the selection of an experienced doctor who will help you a lot on the way to beautify your face and body so that you are fully satisfied with the results of beauty treatments.

Dermal fillers are divided into two parts, temporary fillers and permanent fillers, in terms of their shelf life and the materials used in them. Of course, pay attention to the fact that most gels have temporary effects and are absorbed by the body tissues after some time, and lidocaine is used in their structure, which are effective in reducing pain after injection.

The use of permanent or non-absorbable gels

The use of permanent gels is currently facing a significant decrease because these fillers are not absorbed by body tissues and the body considers these materials as foreign substances and ultimately have more effects and side effects than temporary fillers. Also, the distinguishing point of temporary fillers is that in case of performing a beauty treatment and not being satisfied with it or getting tired of doing this procedure, you can easily remove this temporary gel with the help of a doctor and the body tissue will regain its former shape after some time. finds Permanent gels are usually used more for deep wrinkles that exist in your skin, the number of uses of which is very limited and under certain conditions that should be used by a specialist doctor.

Application of temporary or absorbable gels

Temporary gels have more advantages than permanent gels and are more easily accepted by body tissues and ultimately have much fewer complications than permanent gels. Also, as mentioned earlier, if you are not satisfied with the result of the operation, you can remove these materials more easily and the tissue After some time, it takes its former shape.

Things you should pay attention to before and after injecting the gel

The first important thing that is important after your decision to inject gel is to choose a reputable doctor and office, in which case we recommend Dr. Reza Waqardoost, who has a lot of experience in this matter and patients have been highly satisfied with their cosmetic treatments. You can do your cosmetic procedure after consulting our clinic.

Recommendations before injecting the gel

  • Avoid taking drugs that increase the possibility of bleeding.
    Avoid dental treatments such as scaling before gel injection.
    Be sure to inform your doctor about the medications you are currently taking, because some medications must be stopped or replaced by the doctor before injecting the gel.
    Avoid drinking alcohol before injecting the gel because it increases the chance of bleeding.
    Avoid using moisturizing creams and cosmetics on the day of gel injection.
    If you have a history of herpes, inform your doctor.

Recommendations after gel injection

  • Do not eat or drink before the anesthesia is completely removed during the injection of lip gel.
    After the gel injection, avoid heavy activities and sports within 2 weeks.
    Do not be exposed to sunlight on the first day of gel injection.
    Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking after the injection.
    Be patient to see the final results after a few days.
    After the injection, increase your water intake.
    Gentlemen, do not shave your face for a week after the gel injection.
    When sleeping, the face should be facing up so that there is no pressure on the tissues of the face.
    Avoid eating hard and chewy foods.

The extraordinary effects of gel injection on the skin

Gel injection is one of the therapeutic ways to have a beautiful and attractive face, below are some of the benefits of gel injection:

Rejuvenating the skin and eliminating the effects of aging on the person’s face.
Increasing the level of self-confidence in a person.
In the gel injection method, there is no need for rest and a long recovery period.
Gel injection brings a quick result, but you have to wait a few days to see the main and final result.
Many injectable gels contain natural proteins, which usually do not cause any side effects.

What are the effects of injecting gel on the skin?

In general, gel injection does not have any special effects and side effects, and they are mostly temporary, but if there is any pain, you should consult a doctor to eliminate it, which we will mention examples of below.

Pain in the injection area is usually relieved by painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
Slight burning in the injection area.
The appearance of a bruise that disappears after a few days.
Swelling and redness in the injection area.
Numbness in the gel injection area, which usually resolves after a few hours.
Displacement and movement of the gel in the tissues, which is usually caused by not paying attention to care items after the operation by the person himself.

Cost of gel injection

Various factors such as the type and brand of gel used in the injection, the amount of facial wrinkles, as well as the amount of injected gel and the location of the gel injection are among the factors that usually affect the cost of the gel injection. But in general, the cost of gel injection is much lower than cosmetic surgery and it brings less side effects and recovery period for the patient, but for information about the costs and consultation with the doctor and specialists of Dr. Vaghardoost’s office, contact the contact numbers on the page about us. Please contact us and find out about the final cost of the gel injection during the consultation and examination session.


In this article, we tried to give you comprehensive and complete information about gel injection, and if your decision to do this is finalized, you can get help from our experts in this field and taste your beauty and youth.

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