Chin prosthesis and cheek prosthesis

Using a chin prosthesis is a very effective method in creating a fit between the chin and the rest of the face.

In addition, it makes the chin look more beautiful and desired by you.

Chin prostheses are made of different materials (silicone, etc.) and have various shapes and sizes.

Cheek prosthesis operation

Using cheek prosthesis helps to restore your youth and also maintains facial balance and cheek prominence by improving the angles and shape of the cheek.


Tips after chin and cheek prosthesis surgery

Swelling and bruising of the chin after the operation is a normal thing and it will recover in 1-2 weeks.

According to the way the cheek prosthesis is placed from inside the mouth, it will not leave any scar on the face, the effect and result of the prosthesis is permanent and with age, like all the parts of your face, it will change its aging.

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