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Bone nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is very popular among people with bony noses. In this type of nose surgery, defects such as hump, deviation of the nasal bone and breathing problems are fixed. Also, the length of the nose can be changed according to the anatomy of each person’s face to make it look more attractive. In this article, we talk about the anatomy of bony noses, its surgical methods, the cost of bony nose surgery, pre- and post-operative care.

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Teaching nose taping after surgery

After the operation, the nose will be swollen and taping the nose after surgery will help you a lot to reduce this swelling and will also speed up the healing process of the nose. Also, by using glue frequently and correctly, you will help shape your nose better, so don’t neglect it.

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Procedures before nose surgery

People who are planning to have their nose operated must take measures before performing nose surgery to get the best results from their nose surgery. For this purpose, we are trying to review these procedures together in this article in order to get the best results from nose surgery. Have maximum self-satisfaction.

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