Care after nose surgery

Important tips about nose care after surgery

In this article, important recommendations are given in the field of all points after nose surgery. In order to speed up the improvement, it is better to observe all these things well.

Restrictions after rhinoplasty

Bathing: The first week after the surgery when the splint is in the nose, you can wash your hair and body, but you must make sure that the splint does not get wet. Try to avoid washing your face during the first week, as the splint may become wet. A wet splint can cause skin disease and infection, and if it gets wet, dry it with a hair dryer.

Do not use prescription glasses or sunglasses: do not use any kind of glasses for 3 months after the operation, because it can put pressure on the nose and prevent the healing of the nasal bones. If you have to wear glasses, stick them to your forehead so that they don’t press on your nose bones, and you can use contact lenses after 2-3 days.

Physical activities: avoid heavy sports and heavy lifting for at least two months.
Also, avoid sexual intercourse for 10 days after the operation. In general, avoid any activities that increase adrenaline because they cause inflammation in the nose and sometimes even bleeding.

What are the restrictions on daily activities after nose surgery?
After the operation, brush your teeth gently with a soft toothbrush for a while.
Avoid long phone conversations and social activities for 10-14 days after the operation.
Avoid long laughing and strong facial movements for a week.
Driving is prohibited between one and two weeks after rhinoplasty.
Try to use clothes that have a zipper so that it does not hit the nose while getting dressed.
Avoid exposure to strong sunlight for 6 months. Sunlight causes inflammation in your nose.

In which case should we go to our surgeon?

After the operation, you may experience things that you think are abnormal, most of these things are normal for people who have had rhinoplasty, for example, you may experience numbness in the tip of your nose and front teeth, which is nothing to worry about. And it disappears after two months. But some cases can indicate a serious risk that should not be ignored, such as:

nose bleeding
High fever (more than 38.5 degrees Celsius)
Constant nausea and vomiting
Severe pain in the nose
Shortness of breath
Heart rate and breathing faster than normal
Pimples on the body
If you feel nauseous and dizzy within the first 12 hours after the operation, it is due to the increase in blood pressure, which is caused by the effects of anesthesia.
To prevent bleeding and pain caused by the operation, be sure to take the drugs and painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
Also, drinking alcohol and smoking increases the risk of bleeding, so avoid it.

By following the above tips, you will go through the process of quick recovery without major complications and discomfort, and if you have any questions about the care after your nose surgery, be sure to contact us.

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Nutrition after rhinoplasty
Drink fluids such as fruit juice and water on the day of surgery. Avoid drinking acidic juices such as orange juice, as they may irritate your stomach. Mango juice or pineapple juice are good options instead. In addition, fresh and natural fruit juices are far better and healthier than concentrated juices.
Eat soft foods such as chicken soup, baked or mashed potatoes, or cooked vegetables.
Avoid eating solid foods and foods that require prolonged chewing.
Do not eat foods that cause indigestion.
Avoid drinking milk.
Foods that contain high amounts of fiber are good for you because fiber regulates bowel movements and helps keep your digestive system healthy.
Avoid spicy food and pepper.

If you have any doubts or questions, be sure to call the numbers on the site for the necessary guidance.

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