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Who are candidates for rhinoplasty?

One of the most important surgeries that has grown and developed a lot in recent years is rhinoplasty. Many articles have been written about this surgery. But in this article, we intend to enter this issue from different perspectives and raise new issues.

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Procedures of rhinoplasty surgery

In the process of nose cosmetic surgery, all the problems and defects that exist are eliminated. One of these problems is the hump on the nose or the wide or large nasal bone, which doctors can easily fix by making incisions on the nose and re-stitching the nose.

Of course, you should keep in mind that first the doctor uses local anesthetics or puts the person under general anesthesia so that the treatment process is pain-free and uncomfortable for the client.

After the surgical procedure is done, the patient must take care to achieve a complete recovery for the condition of her nose.

For example, one of the cares is that she should avoid professional sports activities for a few weeks so that the recovery process goes smoothly.

Who are the best candidates for surgery?

One of the questions that are asked by many young girls and boys is who can undergo rhinoplasty surgery and achieve great success in treatment for them. The fact is that all people who are facing functional and aesthetic problems of their nose can apply for nose surgery.

including these people:

  1. People whose nose has a hump can have surgery to remove the hump.
  2. Rhinoplasty surgery is the best solution for people who have a big nose to make their nose smaller.
  3. Some people’s noses have been broken due to sudden events, and they also have to undergo nose surgery.
  4. People are faced with the problem of nasal deviation since birth, and nasal deviation surgery or cytoplasty is the most important and best measure that they can do to solve their problem.
  5. Athletes whose noses have encountered problems during sports competitions or trainings are also candidates for nose surgery.

In general, many people take action to solve the problems that have arisen for their nose and benefit from the positive results of rhinoplasty by the best plastic surgeons and the best nose surgeon.

Secondary rhinoplasty

Another name for secondary rhinoplasty is reconstructive surgery. In fact, this surgery is performed when a person has undergone surgery once and in the end, either she was not satisfied with the result of the surgery or the result of the surgery caused her other problems. One of these problems is the reduction of respiratory function in the patient, which leads to repeated surgery.

In fact, the repetition of rhinoplasty is called secondary or reconstructive rhinoplasty.

Video of secondary rhinoplasty

Of course, keep in mind that in cases where there is not much problem for the patient and the doctor is going to repeat the operation just because of the patient’s dissatisfaction with the result of the operation, the doctor examines all the conditions of his client and then makes the final decision.

In some cases, we have had reports that the result of rhinoplasty was very satisfactory, but only because of the unnecessary obsession that the client has, she wants to repeat the rhinoplasty. In these cases, doctors try to give accurate and logical advice to their clients.

Because repeat nose surgery is very sensitive and should be done with special measures.

For example, one of the conditions for repeat rhinoplasty is that at least one year must have passed since the initial rhinoplasty before the doctor performs the second operation.

Therefore, you can see that secondary nose surgery is not so simple and easy, and all pre-operative care points must be observed.

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The best nose surgeon

One of the most important points that we want to raise in this section is to always seek the help of the best and most expert nose surgeon for your treatment and surgery process.

In many cases, it has been observed that due to the immaturity and inexperience of the doctor, problems have occurred as a result of rhinoplasty for the clients, who had to entrust their second rhinoplasty, i.e. secondary rhinoplasty, to another doctor. In many cases, this issue has caused people to face various mental and emotional problems.

So, the first thing you should do is to take the help of the best nose surgeon who has a lot of knowledge and education in the field of surgical activities.

The second most important feature of the best nose surgeon is her experience and skill in nose surgery. The more experienced a nose surgeon can manage the treatment and surgery process in the best possible way. The result of correct surgical management is the success of the surgical outcome.


In this article, we tried to provide many important points in the field of nose surgery to our loved ones and regular companions. Being aware of these points makes you choose the best path in making decisions and be aware of the end of the path. Awareness always leads to right decisions and produces right results.

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