Breast enlargement methods

Everything about breast enlargement and its methods

Women’s breasts are composed of fat and connective tissue. Breast tissue changes during puberty, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and after menopause. During puberty, breasts react to hormonal changes in the body and begin to grow. Estrogen and progesterone are two hormones that play an important role in breast growth, and of course nutrition and genetics also affect breast size. For many women, having large, round and firm breasts is a sign of beauty and femininity. Some women naturally have large and firm breasts, while others have small breasts. The reasons for breast surgery are different. But the goal is the same and that is to make the patient’s body better and more beautiful. Sometimes cosmetic surgeries are optional. There are times when the patient has no choice but surgery. People with breast cancer who have undergone mastectomy surgery can enlarge their breasts. There are many ways to enlarge the breasts, which we will discuss further.


The cause of small breasts in women

Hormonal cause of small breasts

Folliculin-lutein hormones, both of which are ovarian hormones, and in case of deficiency, should only be prescribed with the opinion of a gynecologist.

Hypothyroidism and hypophysis affects the smallness of women’s breasts.

Small breasts due to excessive thinness

People who are thin have small breasts due to low body fat and low sex hormones.

Small breasts due to malnutrition
Women who lose weight suddenly without a plan, in this process, body fat decreases and breast tissue shrinks because it has fat tissue, and by stopping the wrong diet and using protein, the person’s problem will be solved.

The size of your breast will not change except with surgery, you can make your breasts bigger, firm and well-shaped by working on the breast muscles.

Types of breast enlargement surgery

  • Cosmetic surgery and breast shaping with breast prosthesis implantation
  • Lift and prosthesis
  • Fat injection into the breast
  • Injection of gel into the chest

Breast enlargement methods

Cosmetic surgery and breast shaping with prosthesis implantation

Breast prosthesis or breast implant is one of the least dangerous and least complicated, best and fastest solution of cosmetic surgeries. If women who have atrophied during breastfeeding or their breasts have become misshapen and misshapen after pregnancy, they can perform breast cosmetic surgery, one of the advantages of breast surgery is to improve the shape of the breasts and remove sagging breasts. Breasts can increase a person’s self-confidence.

For women who naturally have small breasts, the surgeon can insert a prosthesis through an incision under the pectoral muscle, which will compensate for the size of the person’s breast. The duration of hospitalization depends on the condition of the patient and the amount of body secretions. In prosthetic surgeries, a person needs 24 hours of absolute rest.

In the past, complications such as the rupture of the prosthesis bag and the leakage of liquid inside occurred after placing the prosthesis in the breasts. Fibrosis or hard tissue in the chest, pain and deformity were other side effects of this type of surgery. Today, with implants and appropriate surgical techniques, these complications have been greatly reduced.


Lift and prosthesis

In case of reduction of breast tissue and drooping of that person, two surgeries of lift and breast prosthesis are performed at the same time. Breast lift gives shape to the breasts and breast prosthesis enlarges it.

Fat injection into the breast

Breast fat injection is one of the beauty and time-consuming methods. Fat injection is two surgeries at the same time. First, the surgeon uses the liposuction method to remove the required amount of fat from other organs such as thighs, hips, etc. After harvesting the fat, this fat is prepared for injection and injects the fats into the body by making small slits.

You should only use a liposuction method that does not destroy fat cells because some liposuction methods are performed with ultrasonic waves and cause the destruction of the cellular structure, and the possibility of re-injecting it into the body will be lost.

Injection of gel into the chest

If you want to enlarge your breasts, you can use this method to enlarge your breasts. This surgical method is suitable for people who are not interested in invasive surgeries, are afraid of anesthesia, the operating room. Of course, the shelf life of injecting gel into the breast is not more than 2 years, and it is a relatively expensive method, but at the same time, it is also considered the most convenient method. Before injecting the gel, ultrasound and mammography must be performed to ensure the health of the mammary glands. Gel injection is done through a 1.5 mm needle or cannula, and the gel is injected under the tissue of the mammary glands. Breasts can be shaped during gel injection.

Care after breast augmentation

Daily activities and activities that increase blood circulation and swelling should be limited.

The person should avoid heavy and intense sports for at least 2 months after the surgery.

Swelling after surgery will gradually disappear up to 6 months after the operation. Using a cold compress can help reduce swelling and bruising after surgery.

Wearing a bra after surgery should be used for two months, which helps maintain the new shape of the breast after surgery. The time of wearing a condom and the conditions of its use should be determined according to the doctor’s opinion.

Wear clothes that are not tight and open and close in the front.

After the surgery, the person should not be exposed to strong sunlight.

A person should not go to the sauna for at least two weeks.

A person should not use fatty and flatulent foods because constipation will cause pain and discomfort in a person.

Medicines should be taken at the time prescribed by the doctor because the medicines reduce the patient’s pain and make the person recover faster.

If you have a breast cyst, it is not prohibited to perform this surgery, and after examining the type of cyst, the surgeon will determine the location of the breast prosthesis and the method of surgery. Before surgery, inform your surgeon about breast cysts.

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