Breast cosmetic surgery

Getting to know the types of breast cosmetic surgery

There is a general category for breast cosmetic surgery, which includes breast augmentation surgery (breast prosthesis), breast reduction and breast lift. In this article, we try to have a general look at each of the mentioned surgeries.

Breast prosthesis

Breast augmentation surgery, or breast prosthesis, is a surgical procedure that is performed with the aim of increasing the size and shape of the breasts. Women want to do this procedure for various reasons, many of them do not have the confidence to wear certain clothes because of their small breasts.

In some cases, breasts change in size after pregnancy.

Other reasons for performing breast prosthesis surgery include correcting the asymmetry of the breasts.

In breast prosthesis surgery, the prosthesis or the implant is placed under or above the chest muscles. The incisions of this surgical method will be made in areas such as the armpits, the brown halo around the nipple, or under the natural folds of the breast.

In general, breast prosthesis surgery is one of the invasive procedures.

In cases where the incision is made in the armpit, an endoscope (a thin tube with a camera attached to it) will be used.

The prostheses used in this surgical procedure are saline (filled with salt water solution) or silicone (silicone gels). The size of the prosthesis will also be determined by the size of the patient and the anatomy of the body.

Like other surgical procedures, breast prosthesis can also be accompanied by possible complications. Therefore, it is recommended that all of these cases be talked about before surgery and during consultation sessions.

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Chest shrinkage surgery

This surgery is mainly performed in women with large and heavy breasts, which cause problems such as neck pain, back pain or anesthesia. During this procedure, any skin, fat and extra breast tissue are removed.

After the surgery is completed, there may be changes in the amount of sensitivity or the ability to lactation. What matters is that consulting sessions should be talked about.

The benefits of this beauty method include relieving the physical symptoms of breasts. The percentage of patient satisfaction with breast shrinkage surgery is very high.

In addition to improving physical health, this beauty method will also help improve women’s quality of life. Doing some daily activities such as exercise will be easier than before.

It is also possible to perform breast lift surgery simultaneously.

Breast lift

Over time, as you age, the shape of the breasts changes and usually looks loose and fallen. Breast lift surgery, so -called mastopoxy, helps to rejuvenate the breasts and appear full by removing excess skin and pulling up the breast tissue.

Pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight changes are other factors that affect the shape of the breasts, and then we will see the size of the breasts.

This cosmetic method will produce more desirable results in women with smaller breasts.

Breast regeneration

Breast reconstruction is one of the breast cosmetic surgeries performed in women undergoing mastectomy (breast cancer treatment).


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