Bone nose surgery

Everything about rhinoplasty and its cost

Rhinoplasty is very popular among people with bony noses. In this type of nose surgery, defects such as hump, deviation of the nasal bone and breathing problems are fixed. Also, the length of the nose can be changed according to the anatomy of each person’s face to make it look more attractive. In this article, we talk about the anatomy of bony noses, its surgical methods, the cost of bony nose surgery, pre- and post-operative care.

Characteristics of bony nose

  1. Thin and delicate skin
  2. The type of skin on the nose is dry
  3. The bridge of the nose is raised

How to perform bony nose surgery

The rhinoplasty method is different for each person according to the anatomy of his nose, his needs and desires, and a specialist doctor must be consulted. The purpose of rhinoplasty is to harmonize the facial parts with the nose and also to solve breathing problems. For nose surgery, there are generally two open and closed rhinoplasty methods, each of which can be performed according to the patient’s condition. We will learn about these two methods below:

1. Getting to know the rhinoplasty of the bony nose

This procedure is suitable for people who want a lot of changes on their nose. In this method, incisions are made in the nasal columella (external part of the tip of the nose) and inside the nostrils, and then with the help of medical instruments, the skin of the nose is completely removed and the surgeon can access all parts of the nose.

Advantages of open rhinoplasty for bony noses

  1. The ability to apply more changes to the nose
  2. The possibility of more complex changes in the bridge of the nose
  3. Lowering the risk of nasal lobes

Disadvantages of open nose surgery

  1. Longer recovery time and disappearance of nasal swelling after surgery
  2. Ulcer formation on the outer part of the nose for several weeks after the operation

2. Getting to know the operation of bone nasal closure

In this method, no incision is made on the outside of the nose and only the inside of the nose is placed under the surgical blade. This method is suitable for people who generally want to make changes in the tip of the nose and the nasal bone is not defective. It can be said that this method is suitable for people who want to make minor changes on their nose.

Advantages of closed nose surgery

  1. No stitches are visible
  2. The recovery time for postoperative swelling is shorter
  3. The surgery is simpler and the duration of its operation in the operating room is also shorter

Disadvantages of closed rhinoplasty

  1. It is not possible to make many changes on the bridge of the nose

Which rhinoplasty method is right for you?

To determine the right method of nose surgery, you must first be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each method, but this is not enough and you must consult a specialist doctor.

But it can be said that generally, people who have a bony nose want to change the bridge of the nose, so the open rhinoplasty method is more suitable for them.

Risks of nose surgery that can lead to death

For some people who apply for nose surgery, there are restrictions that cosmetic surgery can endanger their health or even cause their death. So be sure to share your medical and medication records with your doctor before proceeding with nose surgery.

People with the following characteristics have limitations in performing rhinoplasty:

  • People with special or genetic diseases
  • elderly people
  •  Athletes who are likely to get hit on their nose during training, such as those who play boxing or even football
  • Cosmetic surgery is prohibited during pregnancy
  • Women who have given birth less than 6 years ago
    Also, you should not try to get pregnant for 6 months after rhinoplasty
  • People want cosmetic surgery because of mental problems
  • People with obesity
  • People who smoke a lot of cigarettes during the day cannot do nose surgery, so they should stop smoking two weeks before rhinoplasty.
  • People who have had less than a year since their previous nose surgery

What is the cost of rhinoplasty?

The cost of nose surgery in Iran can be very different based on each person, but you can estimate the approximate cost by considering the things you have to pay for it.

  • The type of the patient’s nose
    The cost of flesh nose operation is usually higher than bone nose
  • Nose problems
  • The salary of the surgeon is determined based on experience and expertise
  • City of surgery
    A big city like Tehran or Mashhad is generally more expensive than small cities
  • Clinic or hospital where surgery is performed
  • Cost of operating room facilities and equipment
    Persons such as anesthesiologists and surgical assistants must cooperate with the surgeon to perform a successful operation
  • Preoperative counseling
  • Post-operative examination sessions
  • Post-operative care such as medication
  • Preoperative tests
  • Imaging before and after the operation

Frequently asked questions about rhinoplasty

1. What is the difference between fleshy and bony nose?

Noses are divided into fleshy and bony categories based on their skin structure.

Bony noses have thin skin and the skin surface is dry, but people with fleshy noses have thick skin and usually the skin on the nose is oily. To learn more about this type of nose, refer to the article Zero to One Hundred Nose Surgery.

  • Can fleshy and bony noses be mistaken for each other?
    In most cases, even non-experts can tell the difference between these two noses. It is possible that in people whose nose bridge is raised, the skin of the nose is still thick and oily on the nose, which causes it to be mistaken for a bony nose. On the contrary, this can also be the case for people who may have a wide and drooping nose tip, but their nose skin is still thin. but you should note that people’s noses are not judged according to their shape, but you should examine the skin type.

2. Is it possible to return bone nose surgery?

One of the common questions that have occupied the minds of most people is whether it will be possible to return the bony nose after surgery? In bony noses, it was not possible to return the shape of the nose to its original state, because part of the cartilage and bone will be shaved during the surgery, and it is obvious that this bone cannot grow again, but if the nose surgery technique is not performed correctly by the surgeon, in Some people may have problems  will exist.

3. Is the way to glue the nose after rhinoplasty different for each person?

Many rhinoplasty applicants think that the way to glue the nose is different according to their gender and the anatomy of their nose, but you should note that regardless of whether your nose is bony or fleshy, or whether you have had fancy nose surgery or the natural way of gluing The nose after surgery is no different.

4. How long after the operation should the nasal patch be used?

After the operation, your doctor will determine during the examinations how long you should use the nasal patch, but in general, you should use this patch between three and six weeks.

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