angle Face with gel

One of the methods of facial beauty that has seen significant growth among women and men today is injecting gel into the face (facial angulation) or face modeling. In face angulation, in addition to shaping the individual’s face, it also rejuvenates and refreshes the skin.

Normally, all of us humans like to have an attractive and excellent appearance, that’s why we turn to doing beauty procedures to have more self-confidence. The most important thing we should pay special attention to when injecting gel in the face is choosing a doctor who can help you to a great extent on the way to achieve this.

A complete guide to angularizing the face with gel

This method is one of the easiest ways to increase the volume and achieve the desired shape of the face, which is done in a short period of time and does not cause any special complications. The injection of gel into the face is done in order to better increase the volume of the areas that lack volume, so that the person can Have perfect symmetry in your face. Usually, to make the face angular, the doctor tries to make the person’s face volume in a V shape so that the person has more beauty.

What people can do face angling with gel?

  • To perform this operation, people must have certain appearance characteristics to get the best results from this operation, which we will mention below:

    The person’s face has a wide jaw.
    The square shape of the jaw.
    The person has a circular chin.
    The jaw line should not be angular in people.
    Having chubby cheeks.
    Having a male jaw shape in women.
    People with thin cheeks.

What people are not suitable for angling the face with gel?

In some people, it is better not to perform angulation of the face, which we will continue to introduce this group of people:

Having a very fat or very thin face.
Sagging skin.
Having a small lower jaw.
Having a round and fat face.
Small cheeks in people.
Having a big nose.
The person’s chin should be backward.
A fat neck in a person.

Note: Of course, pay attention to the fact that it is better to reach the conclusion after consulting the doctor whether you can do the gel injection or not.

What are the advantages of angling the face with gel?

One of the most popular ways to correct the angle of the face is by injecting gel. In addition to this method, fat injection and chin surgery are also used, which you can also use. Of course, the type of operation as well as the method of performing it must be performed by an experienced doctor. Among the benefits of injecting gel for facial angulation, we can mention more facial beauty, increased self-confidence, and facial rejuvenation.

Procedures before angularizing the face with gel

  • Choosing an experienced doctor.
    Notifying your doctor of all underlying diseases.
    Consult a doctor and perform preliminary tests.
    Not using tobacco, alcohol, as well as food and blood thinners.
    Informing the doctor about allergies caused by anesthetics such as lidocaine.

Care after angling the face with gel

  • Use of medications prescribed by a doctor.
    Do not sleep on your face for several days.
    Use of ice compress after gel injection
    Consult a doctor in case of pain in the area of ​​gel injection and sedative use.

The cost of angularizing the face with gel

This figure varies according to the doctor, the amount of injected gel, and the brand of gel, but you can find out about the cost of facial angulation by contacting Dr. Vaqardoost’s office and consulting with the doctor.

Choosing the best doctor for facial angulation

Gel injection is considered one of the facial beauty procedures, therefore it should be performed by a doctor with experience in this field so that you do not have any side effects after performing this injection and you are very satisfied with the result of your operation. We recommend you to consult with Dr. Reza Waqardoost to make your face angled so that you can achieve the desired result and enjoy it.

last word

In this text, we have introduced you to angulation of the face, but the important point is to choose the best doctor after making your final decision.

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