Abdu Menoplasty

Abdominoplasty is one of the methods of abdominal cosmetic surgery. During abdominoplasty surgery, excess skin, fat, etc. can be removed by making an incision on the skin. Some people are candidates for abdominoplasty cosmetic surgery and by doing this procedure they can get closer to their ideal.

In abdominoplasty, an incision is placed on the abdomen and then the excess fat is removed. It should be noted that abdominoplasty is not suitable for people who want to lose weight.

What is the reason for the popularity of abdominoplasty among women?

Pregnancy and childbirth is a factor that changes the shape, structure, natural shape and beauty of the abdomen in women.

After delivery, the shape of the abdominal wall, sagging skin, cracks, and the opening and pulling of the abdominal muscles occur.

To fix this defect, abdominoplasty surgery can be performed based on the patient’s condition, which includes light surgeries to very large surgeries.

The choice of surgery depends on the condition of each patient. For example, it is possible for a patient who has only a small accumulation of fat in the lower abdomen to solve his problem with different liposuction methods.

These methods include normal liposuction, liposuction with laser, ultrasound liposuction or mechanical liposuctions such as lipomatics or water-assisted liposuctions such as waterjet, etc., they all have the same feature and do not have much advantage over each other, and are mostly promotional and the doctor can Choose the best method based on the patient’s condition. In most cases, patients need open surgery, and open surgery is always combined with liposuction, and today, lipo abdominoplasty is one of the best techniques in this field, which has better results and fewer complications. It is necessary to have varicose socks below the knee, lumbosacral abdominal strap and a suitable gown for the day of the operation.

Abdominal beauty after giving birth through abdominoplasty

This surgery, which has many fans today due to its very good results, is considered one of the most suitable methods for rapid weight loss for very obese people. Elderly people, women who have low skin elasticity, women who have given birth or are very overweight are candidates for this surgery because it is not possible to remove fat in these people with other methods, including lipomatics. Women who want to get pregnant should do this surgery after giving birth. Therefore, it is not recommended for young people. Because during this pregnancy the muscles as well as muscles are compressed and return to their previous state during pregnancy.

What is mini abdominoplasty?

Partial abdominoplasty or mini abdominoplasty is a less invasive procedure in which the doctor removes fat by making a smaller incision. Also, if the amount of accumulated fat is low but you have sagging skin, you can use this method so that in addition to removing fat, your skin is also lifted, and the scar is less in this method.

Preparation and measures before abdominoplasty

  • Smoking slows the healing of scars after surgery, so it is best to stop. Smokers are not suitable candidates for this surgery.
    A blood test is required before surgery to check your condition.
    It is important to have a healthy and balanced diet before surgery and avoid strict diets.
    Be sure to inform your doctor if you are using certain medications. Do not use anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin before surgery.

What is the process of performing abdominoplasty surgery?

To perform this surgery, general anesthesia must be used, an incision is made in the lower abdomen, then the skin is separated from the muscles and the extra parts are removed. In the last step, the navel is placed in its correct place and then it is stitched and a sterile dressing is placed on the abdomen.

Duration of abdominoplasty surgery

This surgery is a bit time-consuming, it usually takes between 2 and 5 hours. The time may vary based on the amount of accumulated fat. After surgery, you may need to stay overnight in the hospital. In this wound, there will be a stitch, which your surgeon will use cream and ointment to reduce, and use it according to the doctor’s instructions.

Abdominoplasty recovery period depends on what factors?

To estimate the length of the recovery period, various factors are considered, including:

Age of the patient.
physical condition
The weight and amount of accumulated fats and…

Care after abdominoplasty

After the operation, you may have drains (drainage tubes) that are used to drain secretions. Once the discharge is minimal, these drains are removed. The dressings will then be readjusted and you will be asked to wear a special bra. The length of stay in the clinic will usually be overnight to replace lost fluids, control infection and pain.

This operation is relatively a big and important surgery, although some people can do their light work after 14 days, but others prefer to rest for 1 to 2 weeks more.

Walking in the first three to four weeks is useful because it improves blood circulation and reduces swelling and the possibility of blood clots.

For a few days after surgery, you will likely have a normal amount of pain that will be controlled with appropriate painkillers.

Scar formation after surgery is not a complication and is considered a normal event.

You should expect the scars to be red, prominent and itchy at the beginning, but they will fade and become smooth over time, this is the normal process of healing the wound and it will take from several months to a year to complete.

The sleeping position is on the back for up to two months and there should be no pressure on the breasts. It is mandatory to have varicose socks under the knees and a suitable bra for the day of surgery.

Important points to follow after abdominoplasty

You must use the dressing for 6 weeks. Ask your doctor for the correct tips for sleeping, sitting, bathing, etc. This will reduce your pain. Avoid exercising or lifting heavy objects. Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor at the appointed time. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

Points that should be given importance during the recovery period

Before the surgery, you should prepare a suitable place for your rest that does not require the use of stairs, etc. Take complete rest for two weeks after the surgery. Drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins from your body. You must have a healthy diet and Avoid eating heavy food.

The result of abdominoplasty surgery

After the surgery, the results are visible. After two months and the improvement of the suture site and the removal of swelling and bruising, the result can be seen well. Note that light exercise and diet make this method last longer, and if you have a bad diet like before, you will not be able to see the abdominoplasty procedure last longer, and the body will return to its former shape.

The effect of surgeon selection on the result of abdominoplasty surgery

Be careful that one of the most important and first points in performing abdominoplasty surgery is choosing a skilled and skilled surgeon. The cost of surgery and… should not play a role in this choice. The higher the skill of the doctor, the better he can perform the surgery with the least possible complications.

Complications of abdominoplasty surgery

Infection, swelling, and bruising are among the side effects of this surgery, and choosing a good surgeon can greatly reduce these side effects.

How much does abdominoplasty surgery cost?

According to the desired area, the cost and some other factors, the plastic surgery specialist can inform you of the cost in the same consultation session.