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جراحی زیبایی بینی

nose surgery

Humans naturally seek beauty and becoming more beautiful, nose surgery is one of the first and most common cosmetic procedures to improve the appearance of people, which has many fans in the world and is known as one of the most popular surgeries in the world.

جراحی بینی ثانویه

Secondary rhinoplasty

Those who did not get a good result from their surgery and intend to do it again, if the real criticisms and expectations are reasonable, they can be candidates for reconstructive surgery.

روش چسب زدن بینی

Nose taping method

After the operation, the nose will be swollen and taping the nose after surgery will help you a lot to reduce this swelling and will also speed up the healing process of the nose. Also, by using glue frequently and correctly, you will help shape your nose better, so don't neglect it.

اقدامات قبل از جراحی بینی

Necessary measures before nose surgery

People who are planning to have their nose operated must take measures before performing nose surgery to get the best results from their nose surgery. For this purpose, we are trying to review these procedures together in this article in order to get the best results from nose surgery. Have maximum self-satisfaction.

اقدامات بعد از جراحی بینی

Necessary measures after nose surgery

In this article, important recommendations are given in the field of all points after nose surgery. In order to improve faster, it is better to observe all these things well.

فیس لیفت

face lift

With age and the changes that occur in the skin of the face, a facelift cannot prevent skin wrinkles or sun damage. But it can destroy them.

جراحی زیبایی پلک

Eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery (also called eye lift or blepharoplasty) reduces the lower part of the eyelid and removes excess skin from the upper eyelids. This is an effective method to improve vision in the elderly.

جراحی سینه

Breast surgery

Improving the beauty of breasts can bring more self-confidence to people. There is a general category for breast cosmetic surgery, which is breast enlargement, breast reduction and breast lift.

جراحی اتوپلاستی

Otoplasty surgery

The ear is one of the most important parts of the face and one of the most influential factors in the beauty of a person's face, so in recent years, ear surgery has become common, like nose surgery, and it increases self-confidence.

جراحی ابدومینوپلاستی


Abdominoplasty is one of the methods of abdominal cosmetic surgery. During abdominoplasty surgery, excess skin, fat, etc. can be removed by making an incision on the skin.

The latest portfolios nose surgery

Examples of nose surgery

جراحی بینی استخوانی

Eliminating the hump of the nose

رفع افتادگی بینی

Eliminate droopy nose

نمونه جراحی بینی استخوانی

nose shaping

Examples of Bone nose surgery

جراحی بینی استخوانی
مزایای جراحی بینی استخوانی
بهترین روش جراحی بینی استخوانی

Examples of Nose surgery

ماندگاری جراحی بینی گوشتی
عمل بسته بینی گوشتی
مزایای جراحی بینی گوشتی

Examples of Fancy nose surgery

جراحی بینی نیمه فانتزی
جراحی بینی ترمیمی
جراحی بینی

The point of view of beauty seekers

Many thanks to dear Dr. Vaghardoost I am very satisfied with the result of the operation

Many thanks to dear Dr. Vaghardoost I am very satisfied with the result of the operation

Dear doctor, thank you for your efforts I am very satisfied with our nose, it is really great I had no bruises, the swelling was very little

The nose surgery performed by Dr. Waqardoost was completely perfect and professional.

I did liposuction and rhinoplasty, which was done perfectly and with high quality. Thank you to Mr. Dr. Vaghardoost

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Frequently Asked Questions

This surgery will have an acceptable result just like bone nose surgery, the only important thing is the care and recovery period after meat nose surgery. Because the skin of this type of nose is big and will definitely have swelling and bruising and a longer recovery period, and the result will be fully seen after a few months.

Rhinoplasty is a challenging operation. Complications in this surgery are caused by several factors.

The type of your nose (is it fleshy, cartilaginous, or bony)
The method used in your rhinoplasty (open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty is actually a surgery to change the shape of the nose. Since both breathing and the shape of the nose are related, sometimes changes may be made during rhinoplasty not only to change the way the nose looks but also to improve breathing through the nose.

Septoplasty or nasal deviation surgery is a surgery to improve breathing by straightening the nasal wall. When the nasal septum is crooked, it can make breathing through the nose more difficult. A septoplasty is often performed with rhinoplasty.

Breast prosthesis does not create any obstacle for breastfeeding and pregnancy

It is important to know that in order to create maximum safety, the amount of fat that can be removed from each person’s body during the operation is limited. This amount is usually between 3 and 5 liters, so you may want to repeat this process. It is usually better to leave at least 3 months between two procedures. to fall apart