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Lipomatics is the removal of regional and local fats with the force of suction. This method has been used for years for weight loss. In the past, with traditional devices, a lot of hospitalization and general anesthesia were needed. With the emergence of new methods, doctors gradually prefer less dangerous and faster methods to remove fat. Through this surgery the skin is not loosened, lipomatic also strengthens the body, it is important to note that the size reduction continues for a long time and can also remove cellulite. In this surgery, fat is physically removed from the body and released by the vibrational movements of lipids, and these fats are removed from the body without pain and bleeding, the purpose of this surgery is to change the size and shape of the body, the recovery of this surgery is between 3 and 7 it is day

Shaping or lipomatics, the best solution for slimming

In the past, old devices such as liposuction were used to do this, but the disadvantage of using liposuction compared to lipomatics is that there is a high possibility of damaging parts such as blood vessels, veins, nerves, and muscles, and as a result, patients are afraid They tended to use them because of the disadvantages of this device.

While in the lipomatic device, safety and health measures of the patient have been thought and tried to minimize local slimming injuries by installing a sensor in the cannula. Due to having a sensor, the cannula removes only the excess fat, and as a result, the contact time with other parts of the body is stopped. In this method, less incision is used to remove fat, so pain and severe bleeding do not occur. However, patients should not use drugs such as warfarin and aspirin until two weeks after surgery, because these drugs increase the amount of bleeding during surgery.

How is lipomatic performed?

The lipomatic device works by destroying the fat cells, turning them into liquid form and removing them from under the surface of the skin. With this work, a large part of local obesity is eliminated and the desired fitness is achieved. Those who lose weight through dieting, their main concern is looseness and sagging skin, but in this method, a solution has been devised for this problem. By the way, in the lipomatic method, the skin is tightened during the operation. By stimulating fibroplasts, infrasonic waves perform the skin lifting operation automatically, and as a result of the lipomatic device, it results in the least amount of skin contractions.

What are the super benefits of lipomatics?

The benefits of lipomatics include the following:
At the tip of the cannula rod, there are sensors that prevent the destruction of non-fat tissues such as blood vessels, lymphatic tissues, muscles and nerves.
Short time compared to other methods.
High security system.
Preventing skin loosening and as a result more beauty.
Fat embolism is not possible in lipomatics.
It does not require anesthesia and is performed using local anesthesia.
The possibility of infection in lipomatics is low.

Is it necessary to say goodbye to breast-feeding with mammoplasty?

Maybe this question is a concern of applicants for this surgery, in response we should say that considering the incision area in the mammoplasty surgery that will involve the areola of the breast, this surgery can affect the quality of breastfeeding, because the incisions will cause the relative destruction of the lactation channels. But today’s mammoplasty surgery methods emphasize on maintaining the ability of women to breastfeed.

Some basic points after mammoplasty surgery

This surgery does not end in the operating room. In fact, the care after breast surgery, both reduction mammoplasty and augmentation mammoplasty, will guarantee the final result. Therefore, following the recommendations below will have a significant effect on the favorable outcome of this surgery. The recommendations are as follows:

Do not be afraid of the feeling of confusion and heaviness of the head after surgery, these symptoms are only due to the effects of anesthetic drugs.
You must be careful to use the medicines prescribed by the surgeon on time.
Start consuming food with liquids.
Use fruits such as pineapple, which are powerful wound healers.
Strictly avoid smoking and alcohol for 1 month after surgery.
A very important point after breast surgery is the use of special bras after surgery, which will have a great impact on the result of the surgery.
Women should postpone bathing after surgery for 2 days.
You should be careful to dry the scars regularly and if necessary, use special ointments to lighten the scars as prescribed by the doctor.

Does mammoplasty surgery have complications?

This surgery, like other surgeries, can be accompanied by many complications, which can be prevented in two ways: firstly, choosing the best plastic surgeon and secondly, following the post-surgery recommendations mentioned above. But the possible complications of mammoplasty are:

Dangers of anesthesia
Breast asymmetry
Getting an infection
Inflammation and bruising
Damage to breast tissue
Swelling of the breasts
Accumulation of fluid under the skin
Inability to breastfeed
Possible numbness in the nipple

The cost of mammoplasty surgery

The cost of this surgery will be different according to the surgeon’s expertise, the type of surgery and the method of performing it, as well as costs such as hospital costs, anesthesia costs, and drug costs before and after surgery. It is worth considering in choosing the best plastic surgeon who can guarantee the surgical result for patients.