breast lift

Factors such as age, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss can affect the breast tissue, causing the breast to lose its natural shape and become droopy. In some cases, breasts that have a large size may also have a more droopy shape.

Women who are unhappy with their drooping breasts are looking for a way to lift them up. In such cases, the doctor will recommend breast lift surgery to the patient. Breast lift surgery, which is also called mastopexy, is one of the surgeries in the field of plastic and beauty that causes the breasts to be pulled up. It is necessary to point out that breast lift surgery does not change the size and volume of the breasts, but the purpose of this surgery is to change the shape of the breast.

Women who want to change the size and size of their breasts in addition to stretching their breasts upwards, can undergo breast prosthesis surgery at the same time as breast lift surgery. In breast lift surgery, the surgeon has many options. If the amount of breast sagging is low, fewer incisions are needed. Such cases will be determined before surgery and during counseling sessions.

Attractiveness of women's body with breast lift (Mastopexy)

Many women after giving birth or breastfeeding notice that their breasts have lost their quality in terms of size, shape and feel and start to sag. Breast lift or mastopexy is a cosmetic surgery in which sagging breasts are reshaped and raised without changing the overall volume of the breast.

Who can undergo breast lift surgery?

One of the questions that arise for many patients is whether breast lift surgery is suitable for them or not. The answer is as follows: Sometimes the patient is satisfied with the size of her breasts, but feels that she has sagging breasts. In such a situation, he can benefit from breast lift surgery. But if a woman is unhappy with her small breasts, breast implant surgery is the best option.

What is the difference between breast lift surgery and breast prosthesis?

Breast prosthesis surgery, as its name suggests, helps to enlarge and increase the volume of breasts by placing the prosthesis inside the breast tissue. Various factors are involved in deciding the best surgical procedure (prosthesis or lift). But in breast lift surgery, the breasts are stretched upwards without changing their size.

Preparation and care before breast lift

The patient is asked to quit smoking. Nicotine in cigarettes will prolong the healing process. The use of blood thinners, anti-inflammatory and non-steroidal drugs such as Gelofen, Aspirin and Novafen should be stopped, because such drugs increase the possibility of bleeding. Sometimes a new drug will replace these drugs according to the doctor’s prescription.

It is recommended to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages as much as possible and, on the other hand, drink water to keep the body hydrated.

Fantastic effects of breast lift

Breast lift surgery has three goals:

First, the skin of the breast will be lifted and it will be possible to move the part under the breast.
Then, the nipple is repositioned to maintain the beautiful shape of the breast. The nipple should be in the center of the chest.
In the end, by stretching the breast tissue upwards, the breast will be lifted.

At the end and before suturing the breasts, the symmetry of the breasts should also be checked.

This change can increase women’s self-confidence. Many women are worried about the scars remaining after surgery. But you need to know that scars will fade with time. The next concern is the length of the recovery period and the necessary care during this period. Breast lift surgery lasts about two hours, after the surgery, the patient is transferred to the recovery room to monitor vital signs such as heart rate and breathing. After the effects of anesthesia wear off, the patient will be discharged. The pain and discomfort after this surgery is very little and will usually disappear after a few days. The length of the surgical recovery period depends to a great extent on the physical condition and physical strength of the patient.

Care after mastopexy

After the operation, you may have a drain (drainage tube) that is used to drain the secretions. When the secretions are minimal, these drains are removed.

Then the dressings will be readjusted and you will be asked to use a special bra.

The length of stay in the clinic or hospital to replace lost fluids, control infection and pain will usually be overnight.

This operation is relatively a big and important surgery, although some people can do their light work after 10 to 14 days, but others prefer to rest for one to two weeks more.

Walking in the first 3 to 4 weeks is useful because it improves blood circulation and reduces the possibility of blood clots.

For a few days after surgery, you will likely have a normal amount of pain that will be controlled with appropriate painkillers.

Creating a scar after surgery is not a complication and is considered a normal event.

You should expect the scars to be red, prominent, and even itchy at the beginning, but they will fade and smooth over time. This is the normal process of wound healing. It can take several months to a year to complete.

The sleeping position is on the back for two months. There should be no pressure on the chest. It is mandatory to have varicose socks under the knee and a suitable bra for the day of surgery.

Recovery period and important points after breast lift

The length of the recovery period is different for each patient and depends on the physical body and age of the patient. It is better for the patient to rest at home for a week and return to work after complete recovery. Doing intense physical activities, bending and straightening, and exercising are prohibited for at least four to six weeks.

After surgery, it is forbidden to sleep on the breasts, because this will change the shape of the breasts. During the recovery period, no pressure should be applied to the breasts and stitches. It is recommended to use a special bra for six weeks.

The amount of pain after surgery is usually tolerable for the patient. However, painkillers will be considered by the doctor for the patient. Of course, the use of blood thinners and aspirin is prohibited until two weeks after surgery.

The day after surgery, the patient can take a bath. It is recommended to use a special bra for six weeks. Scars will disappear after eight to twelve months. There is a possibility of seeing swelling and inflammation in the breasts, which of course will be resolved over time and within two to six weeks.


The results of breast lift surgery on women's organs

Breast lift surgery brings long-lasting and brilliant results, and fortunately, there will be no need to do this surgery again. Patients who undergo this surgery should keep in mind that aging and gravity can affect the breasts and there is a possibility that the breasts will take on a slightly misshapen shape in the future.

After breast lift surgery, women should maintain their ideal body weight and pay attention to their diet.