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Buttock fat injection
Buttock shaping through fat injection

Currently, there are new methods that can be done by extracting the natural fat of the person’s own body and transferring it to another part of the body in order to bulk up and shape it. Of course, there are other methods for highlighting body parts, but fat injection is one of the most common methods. Also, for some reasons, this method is the most popular.

These fats are removed from the areas that are saturated with fat and are injected into the desired area after going through some steps.

These actions are performed by an experienced plastic surgeon because it is a very sensitive and difficult task.

How is fat injection performed?

In this way, the plastic surgeon in the special surgery room, using special sterilized tools, one of the most important of which is a syringe with a large needle head, which is a fat transfer tool, then the designated areas for fat removal with special markers. It is marked so that the cutting points are also determined, and after extracting the fat, these materials go to the washing and refining stage, and after some time, they are injected into the buttocks.

Advantages of fat injection to the buttocks

The results of such operations usually look very natural, because injected fats are natural and removed from the person’s own body.

What are the results of fat injection to the hips?

In the process of fat injection, no cuts, wounds or sutures are left behind. Therefore, there is no need to worry.

Unlike buttock prosthesis surgery, no foreign object enters the body and the buttock takes a completely comfortable and natural shape.

What preparations are necessary for fat injection to the buttocks?

A certified plastic surgeon offers instructions on how to prepare for buttock fat transfer surgery that can double your chances of success.

These instructions include the following:

If you have a habit of smoking or consuming alcohol and any other drugs, it is better to stop using them 4 weeks before the operation to repair the body tissues. Also, anti-inflammatory drugs should not be taken because they disturb the blood flow in the body and can cause fluctuations.

What should be done after fat injection to the hips?

After fat injection to the buttocks, some swelling in the desired area is very normal and common, for this reason, it is recommended to avoid sitting and sleeping for long periods of time to prevent the swelling from aggravating, this care should be continued for at least 4 weeks Follow up after the operation to achieve full recovery and see good results. Try to use soft pillows under you and sleep on your side to make your recovery easier.

Who are good candidates for buttock fat injection?

Most of the people who do not feel satisfied with their appearance or those who suffer from complications such as overweight and obesity, because of this, they cannot wear their favorite and attractive clothes easily, these people are the best candidates for the procedure. Liposuction and fat transfer to the buttocks are for volume.

But those who are thin and don’t have fat accumulation in a certain part of the body cannot do this procedure and can only get help from the gel injection method.

Is fat injection to the buttocks painful?

This operation is performed under local anesthesia, and there is no need to worry about pain. It is also performed on an outpatient basis, which is why the patient does not feel any pain during the operation, but after the operation, he may notice a little pain. pain, which will usually be resolved by prescribing and taking some painkillers, and there is no need to worry at all.

How long does hip fat injection last?

Buttock fat injection usually lasts for one year, although it depends on the physical condition of the person, because it has been observed that for some people it remains more or less than the mentioned time. But this time is mentioned as an average.

Is it dangerous to inject fat into the buttocks?

Due to the fact that performing any procedure can bring complications, fat injection to the buttocks can be dangerous if it is not performed by an experienced and skilled specialist or if there is a problem with the transfer of fat. But note that in If the procedure is not carried out naturally, it becomes dangerous.

In general, there is no risk of injecting fat into the buttocks, because the injected fat is from the patient’s own body tissue and does not cause any sensitivity or incompatibility.

It is worth noting that everyone’s body fat must be injected into the same person, otherwise you will not have a successful operation, even in cases where the person says that the saturated fat of my body can be injected into my sister.

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How much does hip fat injection cost?

The items that include the costs of fat injection to the hips are:

The salary of a plastic surgeon depends on his experience and skill.

Cost of equipment and operating room team

The amount of drugs prescribed for the patient after surgery

Remember that the cost you pay for your health and beauty is never too much and unnecessary.


Before doing such operations, you should do a lot of research and check, you must collect a lot of information about how to take care before and after the operation.

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