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Frequently asked questions about liposuction:

Very little, in fact in the first few weeks you may even notice a small amount of weight gain related to water retention by your body.

Fat cells do not weigh much, on the other hand, depending on the treated area, you will notice a significant decrease in peripheral size (decrease in size).

It is important to know that in order to create maximum safety, the amount of fat that can be removed from each person’s body during the operation is limited. This amount is usually between 3 and 5 liters, so you may want to repeat this process. It is usually better to leave at least 3 months between two procedures. to fall apart

Common questions about breast prosthesis surgery

The most important principle in choosing a prosthesis is to give you a more balanced and suitable appearance, which should be done by a doctor. During the consultation, the doctor will measure your chest and chest diameter to get the right sizes for you.

Breast prosthesis does not create any obstacle for breastfeeding and pregnancy

We use prostheses that have American and European approval, and according to new research, we use prostheses with a smooth surface as much as possible (smoth).

These implants are silicone and according to the results announced by the Daru Institute, silicone implants do not cause any disease in any part of the body.

Implants are not lifelong equipment, so there is a possibility of replacing them during life. Some women need to be replaced in less than a few years, while this period may reach more than 10 to 20 years in another group.

MRI is required every three years

There is a possibility of changes (decrease or increase) in nipple sensation after the operation, which is temporary

Common questions about rhinoplasty

Yes, it is possible to perform these two surgeries at the same time, but it will take longer. Therefore, it is recommended to convert long actions into several shorter actions.

Yes, considering the cost of the clinic or hospital, as well as the cost of anesthesia, etc., if several surgeries are performed at the same time, it is possible to reduce the cost.

Basically, patients are advised to refrain from smoking and hookah for 2-3 months after rhinoplasty. Quitting smoking will improve your health.

Yes, this surgery can be done. Also, if cartilage is needed in this surgery, help can be taken from the nasal lobes.

According to the expertise of your surgeon, the cost of the clinic and anesthesia, as well as the method used in your nose surgery, the cost can be estimated.

Rhinoplasty has a permanent result, so be sure of your decision. This surgery is performed when the growth of the facial skeleton is over. Therefore, there is no natural state change. Basically, girls at the age of 15 and boys after the age of 18 can do this surgery with the advice of a plastic surgery specialist.

No, if this surgery is performed by a skilled surgeon and the principles of surgery are followed, you will not have any breathing problems.

Yes, this surgery is necessary, but it is not an emergency.

If the nose surgery is to correct breathing problems, correct nasal deviation, nasal polyp surgery, etc., the insurance can cover part of the cost. But if the purpose of nose surgery is beauty. Cannot be covered by insurance

This surgery will have an acceptable result just like bone nose surgery, the only important thing is the care and recovery period after meat nose surgery. Because the skin of this type of nose is big and will definitely have swelling and bruising and a longer recovery period, and the result will be fully seen after a few months.

Common questions of patients after nose surgery

Rhinoplasty is actually a surgery to change the shape of the nose. Since both breathing and the shape of the nose are related, sometimes changes may be made during rhinoplasty not only to change the way the nose looks but also to improve breathing through the nose.

Septoplasty or nasal deviation surgery is a surgery to improve breathing by straightening the nasal wall. When the nasal septum is crooked, it can make breathing through the nose more difficult. A septoplasty is often performed with rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure. Complications in this surgery are caused by several factors.

The type of your nose (is it fleshy, cartilaginous, or bony)
The method used in your rhinoplasty (open rhinoplasty or closed rhinoplasty)

Almost everyone who has rhinoplasty surgery is able to safely leave the hospital the same day after the operation. In rare cases, you may stay overnight in the hospital if you have trouble breathing, possible nausea, or other health problems that you need to monitor.

Plan to take a week off from work, college, or other pursuits. You will gradually feel better every day for the first week. A week after the operation, people usually feel like themselves again.

After the operation, there will be some swelling. Swelling can last for months, although most people don’t notice it until several months later. People usually return to most activities after one week and resume all activities after two to four weeks.

After the operation, there will be some swelling. Swelling can last for months, although most people don’t notice it until several months later. People usually return to most activities after one week and resume all activities after two to four weeks.

All surgeries have risks. Fortunately, the risks of rhinoplasty are small and its complications are rare. Before the operation, the doctor will talk to you about the risks and benefits of the surgery.

Sometimes insurance pays for rhinoplasty, but it depends on the insurance policy. Before scheduling surgery, your doctor’s office will help you get written prior authorization from your insurance company. Although this is not a guarantee of coverage, it is the only way to confirm that rhinoplasty is a covered benefit. Sometimes insurance will pay for part of the rhinoplasty, but not for other parts. In these cases, you can contact the business office to benefit from this operation.

Yes, to some extent, the results of your nose surgery will be discussed and information will be given to you during the consultation session.

Not for most people. One day after the operation, most people do not feel any pain and their slight pain is improved by using the prescribed painkillers.