angle Jaw with gel

Another way of face modeling or facial angulation is done by injecting gel into the jaw, and by correcting the angle of the jaw, it will have a great effect on beautifying your jaw and face.

Angularization of the jaw with gel injection is very popular among people today due to the few complications, and many people think about doing it. Of course, the most important principle of gel injection is to choose an experienced and experienced doctor, which can largely determine the result of this procedure, and enjoy the result after the procedure.

Also, injecting gel into the jaw can greatly help to beautify and rejuvenate the face and restore your lost self-confidence.

Beautifying the face by angling the jaw with gel

Injection of gel into the jaw is one of the low-risk, painless, and popular facial angulation methods used to beautify the face. At the time of gel injection, the amount of gel to be consumed and its brand are chosen in consultation with the doctor, and after anesthetizing the injection site, the gel is injected into the desired site using a syringe, which generally can result in a long-term shelf life, and if The need and dissatisfaction of performing the operation is easily removed from the injected gel.

What are the advantages of angling the jaw with gel?

  • This method has a short period of recovery and rest, and the person can easily resume his daily activities after doing it.
    In this method, the possibility of tissue damage is very low, and after some time, the gel is absorbed by the body tissues.
    In the method of injecting gel into the jaw, no stitches are left and it also does not cause any side effects of the jaw cosmetic surgery.
    The injected gel has almost a long shelf life.
    With this method, you can have a good jaw angle and facial symmetry.

Angularization of the jaw through gel injection with the least complications

  • Bruising or swelling may occur at the injection site.
    The asymmetry of the jaw after the injection, which has a lot to do with the way of maintenance after the operation.
    The possibility of infection in the areas of gel injection, which if performed by an experienced doctor, is generally preventable.
    Generally, gel injection is more expensive than fat injection.

Important points before injecting the gel into the jaw

  • Consult and choose an experienced doctor who will get the best result for you.
    Using high quality brands that have the least side effects.
    The injection must be done by a doctor and in a completely sterile environment.
    Inform your doctor about your allergies and medications.
    Avoiding foods and medicines that increase blood circulation.
    Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking.

Care and recovery period after gel injection to the jaw

In general, this method does not cause any special complications, but you should pay enough attention to some issues to be completely satisfied with the result of the operation. We mention them below:

  • After injecting the gel, use an ice compress to prevent bruising and swelling, but be careful to do this gently on the injection areas.
    Sleep on your back for a few days and avoid pressure on your jaw and face.
    Avoid eating foods that require a lot of chewing for a few days after the operation.
    After the operation, avoid stress and try to maintain your peace as much as possible.
    Take the medicines prescribed by the doctor carefully and on time as prescribed by the doctor.
    If you feel pain in the injection areas, you can use a sedative after consulting your doctor.
    If you have abnormal swelling or other symptoms at the injection site, be sure to inform your doctor about these symptoms.

The cost of jaw angulation through gel

The cost of this procedure can vary after consultation with the doctor and based on the dosage of the gel as well as the brand used, that is why we suggest you to contact the office of Dr. Waqardoost and find out about this cost.

Be careful when choosing a doctor to angle the jaw with gel

The most important factor that can determine the outcome of this procedure is certainly an experienced doctor who can help you in this matter. Our suggestion to choose the best doctor for angulation of the jaw with gel injection in Tehran is Dr. Reza Vaqardoost, who you can feel highly satisfied with the result after consulting the doctor and performing the injection.

Last point

In this section, we have answered the questions that may arise for you regarding jaw angulation with gel injection. Thank you for being with us, please help us progress by registering your comments and questions.