Facial cosmetic surgery

One of the most important parts of a person’s body is his face, and the presence of any defect in his face can be unpleasant for him and reduce his self-confidence. To solve this problem, cosmetic surgery can be a good solution and can give a more beautiful shape to the defects of facial parts such as eyes, cheeks, nose and other facial parts, and by using it, a person can find more self-confidence.

Also, beauty issues and taking care of the skin and facial parts have no age and gender restrictions, and in addition to women, cosmetic surgery has also grown significantly in men, and many men have also turned to this type of surgery.

In the following, we will learn about the types of facial cosmetic surgery that can help a person to achieve an ideal and more attractive face.

Facial cosmetic surgery and its effect on facial beauty and age reduction

Familiarity with types of nose surgery

In general, there are many types of nose surgery, and in this type of surgery, it is tried to help the person to have a beautiful nose by correcting the defects of the nose, and the person will benefit from having a beautiful and symmetrical nose and finally gain more self-confidence. There are many types of nose surgery, which we will mention below:

Important points of bony nose surgery

Bony nose, as its name suggests, has a bony shape and there is a lot of cartilage under the skin of the nose. Among the tangible features of this type of nose is usually the presence of a hump in this type of nose, which is easily visible from the profile.

Bony noses usually have thinner skin than fleshy noses, which makes it easier and faster to perform nose surgery in these people, and bony noses often result in better results than fleshy noses. The duration of this procedure is usually between 1 and 2 hours, and it is better to consult with the best specialists before performing this procedure. Also, there are various factors that can cause the nose to return to its pre-surgery state, so it is better to learn about these things by referring to the nose surgery page.

Important points of nose surgery

Due to its special features, flesh nose surgery is much more difficult than bony nose surgery. Considering this, the doctor who performs this surgery for you must have a good experience and history in this matter so that the result of this Have the ultimate satisfaction. Our advice to you to perform this procedure is Dr. Reza Waqardoost, who with his long experience in this matter and also the satisfaction of people to perform this procedure can help you a lot.

It is usually recommended to do this procedure at an age when the face and its components have grown enough and it is not possible to return to the previous shape of the nose.

Important points of fancy nose surgery

In fantasy rhinoplasty, the nose is significantly reduced and from the profile angle, the nose has a lot of arch and curvature, and the nose takes on a head-up position and is more pointed and head-up compared to other types of nose surgery. Applicants for a fancy or doll nose are usually mostly women, and men are usually not very interested in this model of operation. Also, the most important factor to achieve the desired result of performing this procedure is an experienced and experienced doctor, and you should pay special attention to this issue as well.

Important points of natural nose surgery

The natural nose is one of the types of nose surgery that has gained many fans in recent years, and people’s desire is now more to do a natural nose job, but in the past, most people preferred and used the fancy nose job. Even now, fancy nose surgery is more popular among young people. In this type of operation, the shape of the nose changes from humpback or fleshy, but it does not shrink as much as the fancy nose operation, and the nose is tried not to lose its natural state, and also the deviation of the nose and Tahiri problems are largely resolved. In this type of operation, the nose is not given a lot of arch and curvature, and the nose generally maintains its natural state.

What is ear surgery or otoplasty?

Of course, the cleanliness of people is one of the main concerns of every person and he likes to have the best appearance. Another main factor that affects a person’s beauty is the ear, and in recent years, more and more people have become interested in doing this cosmetic procedure, and it has become common, like nose surgery. The main purpose of ear surgery is to change the size, model, and position of the ear, and by doing this, the structure of the ear takes on a more natural and beautiful state and helps a person’s beauty a lot. There is no specific age limit for ear cosmetic surgery, but the person must have reached an age when the facial parts have grown relatively so that it is not possible for the ear to return to its previous state.

People who perform this type of operation will benefit from the following benefits:

* The defects of the ear are corrected and finally the person will have a more beautiful appearance.

* This type of cosmetic procedure is safe and carries little and insignificant risks.

* The size of the incisions made for the operation is very small and the possibility of leaving a scar is low.

* The rest period in this type of operation is for one week, which has a short recovery period.

* Increases self-confidence in a person.

Face lift is the most popular procedure among women

Another main factor in a person’s beauty is certainly the skin and face and the absence of wrinkles on the skin. In this procedure, the person is helped to have a younger appearance and fresher skin and enjoy this beauty and freshness.

During this procedure, by removing dead skin cells and also helping to regenerate skin cells, the person will not have wrinkles on his face and as a result, he will look younger and fresher, and after this procedure, there will be no signs of wrinkles around him. You do not see the eyes, cheeks, mouth and jaw. But again, our advice is to get help from the best specialist in this field so that you can get maximum satisfaction from doing this procedure and get the most pleasure from having attractive and young skin.

Reasons and application of eyelid surgery

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty is one of the types of surgery that helps a lot to improve the appearance of the eyelid. This type of surgery can be performed simultaneously on both the upper and lower eyelids and eliminate eyelid problems.

The main reason for performing this type of operation is usually drooping and excess skin of the eyelid, and by doing this operation, you can get your beauty and youth and enjoy it.

In general, the use of eyelid surgery can be mentioned in several cases:

Treatment of sagging or loose skin in a person, which causes wrinkles and also visual impairment in a person.
Reducing or eliminating puffiness and swelling of the eyelids.
Eliminate puffiness and swelling under the eyes.
Eliminating drooping of the eyelid, which makes the white area of ​​the eye under the cornea more visible.
Removing excess skin as well as removing wrinkles around the eyelid as well as the lower eyelid.

last word

In this article, we tried to introduce you to a series of facial cosmetic surgeries and give you the necessary recommendations, but in the end, the most important issue is to be sure of your intention to perform a cosmetic procedure for yourself and to Also, get the necessary advice from experts in this field and find the best doctor to perform this type of operation and make the most of his experience for the beauty of your appearance. Our suggestion to you is to use Dr. Reza Waqardoost’s advice and try to perform this sample of operations to get the best results.

And finally, while thanking you for being with us and accompanying us, please help us progress by adding your opinions and comments.