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Comprehensive information about reconstructive nose surgery for people who have had an unsuccessful operation

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common facial cosmetic surgeries, which in general has been associated with 95% success, and only 5% may require a very small surgery called retouch.

Retouch surgery is not considered as nose reconstruction surgery, in fact it is a relatively small and light operation that is performed under local anesthesia and during this surgery the remaining problems from the primary surgery are solved.

What is nose reconstruction surgery?

Nose reconstruction or secondary surgery is a surgery that has increased in number and is performed to solve the problems of the primary surgery that did not have a good result.

The reason for performing secondary surgery is because the primary operation was not performed by a skilled person, and as a result, it led to destruction and deformities in the nose. It is noteworthy that nose reconstruction surgery will be much more difficult than the initial surgery.

Even in some cases, a person may need cartilage from the rib area or temporal fascial cartilage from the head area in secondary rhinoplasty. Sometimes there are deformities that are identified during surgery, which requires informing the patient before the surgery that the cartilage of his own body can be used if necessary. It is interesting to know that cartilage will be needed in 90% of nose reconstructive surgery.

Secondary rhinoplasty is a very difficult surgery and must be performed by an experienced nose surgeon who is familiar with this surgery in order to solve the problems caused by the primary surgery.

What kind of problems cause the need for secondary nose surgery?
hump nose

In some cases, a part of the nasal hump may remain, in which case a nose repair surgery will be required.

Asymmetry of the nose and nostrils

Also, sometimes, after the swelling of the nose is removed, asymmetry in the nose or nostrils and hanging of the tip of the nose may be observed. In fact, alar bis means that during the operation of the nose surgeon, you will carefully remove the lobes or reduce the nasal lobes with local anesthesia.

Respiratory problems

One of the problems observed is breathing problems, which is the result of primary rhinoplasty, which can be solved during secondary rhinoplasty.

Nasal septum perforation

One of the problems that is observed in the majority of times in the inner and outer nasal valve is the perforation of the septum or middle septum of the nose, which causes the patient to have difficulty breathing.

Inverted V Deformity

Another problem that is often observed is Inverted V Deformity. This problem is actually seen in the form of an inverted V on the patient’s face.

In these cases, the cartilage is separated from the bone in the front of the nose and Inverted V Deformity occurs, which requires the use of columns in the internal valve.

Pinching nose

Pinching nose problem occurs when the external nasal valve is severely damaged in the primary surgery. This problem causes the nose to be seen from the front in such a way that both sides of the nose are pinched and it looks like it has been clipped.

If there is such a problem, cartilage must be used to repair the external valve.

Excessive narrowing of the nose

Normally, another problem that arises is excessive reduction of the nose, which is actually caused by incorrect judgment of the doctor and incorrect surgery. The tip of the nose is used in the upper part of the forehead and sometimes in the dorsal area.

The time of performing secondary nose surgery should be done one year after the primary surgery, and this means that all the problems of the nose will show on the face, and the repair operation will solve the problems, and the tissues will not be able to tolerate it after one year, so it is the best time. It is one year after the initial surgery.

The cost of reconstructive nose surgery

The cost of nose reconstruction surgery depends on various factors; For example, the cost of secondary rhinoplasty compared to primary surgery is determined according to many problems and injuries as well as the need for cartilage. Therefore, it is not possible to determine the exact cost before the examination and necessary investigations. For this purpose, you can refer to a plastic surgeon to get detailed information.

Last point

Finally, let’s say that, in secondary surgery, all the efforts of the plastic surgeon are to correct the problems caused by the primary surgery. Therefore, nose repair surgery will be much more difficult and requires a nose surgeon with sufficient knowledge and the ability to use the patient’s skin, cartilage and bone tissues.

Fortunately, with many advances in the field of medicine and the science of nose reconstruction, it can be said that 99% of the problems that have arisen can be corrected, unless in the initial nose surgery, inattention and ignorance have caused the destruction of the soft tissue, in which case it is possible to correct it. All problems do not exist.

Fortunately, the occurrence of such problems and injuries will be very few, and as a result, secondary rhinoplasty will be successful in most cases.

It is interesting to know that considering that the number of nose surgeries has increased now, but a large number of them are performed by unskilled people, which causes the amount of reconstructive or secondary surgery to increase.

In general, plastic surgeons are faced with a large number of these patients, and this means that due to ignorance, those surgeons create problems for people that they cannot solve by themselves, so they refer them to other surgeons. They refer

In most cases, plastic and cosmetic surgeons will be involved in these secondary surgeries. Despite this, we ask all patients to be careful in choosing their nose surgeon and choose people who have academic and university education and the necessary ability to perform nose surgery.

Using the list of the Association of Plastic Surgeons and the use of specialists in plastic surgery and restoration will cause fewer problems.

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