nose surgery fleshy

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around the world, especially in our country. More than 150,000 rhinoplasty operations are performed in Iran every year. In such a way that many people from other countries travel to Iran to do it.
Rhinoplasty makes the nose fit with other parts of the face and also solves breathing problems caused by the structural defects of the nose. In today’s society, a term called fleshy nose has become popular. But what are the criteria for diagnosing meaty nose?
The way to identify fleshy noses is very simple, usually this type of nose has thick skin and this is the most important factor in identifying the type of nose of people. Among its other criteria are the small holes that can be seen on the skin of the nose. These tiny holes are open skin pores caused by the high thickness of the skin from which fat is secreted. On the other hand, when the nose fins are seen from below, the fins are very thick, which indicates a lot of skin fat.

According to the characteristics of the fleshy nose, the result of the fleshy nose operation is different from the bony nose. The patient should be realistic about these changes and his expectations. Because the problems of these types of noses can be fixed, but due to the thickness of the skin, the amount of beauty that it shows after the operation is different from noses that have thin skin.

Nose surgery fleshy and its great effect on the face

  1. thick skin
    They generally have big and wide nose  tips.
    The surface of the skin is usually oily.
    In most people, the tip of the nose is downward.
    The nasal cartilage is soft.

The best methods of nose surgery

Surgery to get a beautiful nose should be done with the aim of creating balance in the face and solving breathing problems, and you should not perform nose surgery according to the fashion and public opinion of a well-shaped and beautiful nose.

Rhinoplasty techniques should be chosen according to the facial anatomy and the needs of the patient, and there is no single method that is suitable and practical for all patients.

After the initial decision to perform rhinoplasty, the next step is consultation with a plastic surgeon to evaluate the best method for you. Contact us to receive a free consultation with Dr. Vaqardoost, a specialist in cosmetic surgery.

All about the meaty nose packing surgery

In this method, the surgeon makes all the incisions from inside the nostrils and no incision is made on the outer surface of the nose.

Advantages of this method
There is no visible wound.
The duration of surgery in the operating room is shorter.
Healing of wounds and reduction of swelling is faster, and the desired result is achieved sooner after the operation.

Disadvantages of this method
Due to not having enough vision and access to the structure of the nose, the surgeon cannot make basic and complex changes on the nose.

Which people are suitable for closed nose surgery?

This method is suitable for people whose nose bridge is symmetrical and without protrusions and who only want to make changes in the tip of their nose.

In general, it can be said that this method is suitable for people who are looking to fix minor defects in their nose.

All about fleshy nose open surgery

In this method, by making an incision on the outer and inner surface of the nose, the surgeon moves the skin on the nose up.

Advantages of this method
Due to the surgeon’s full access and observation of the nasal structure, complex changes can be made more precisely.
Reduction of nostrils not matching after surgery.
Making fundamental changes is becoming possible.

Disadvantages of this method
The appearance of visible sutures for a short period of time (the sutures disappear completely within a few weeks after the surgery).
The duration of recovery and convalescence is longer.

Which rhinoplasty technique is right for you?

According to the above explanation, it is better to consult Dr. Vaqardoost, a specialist in plastic and cosmetic surgery, to make a decision.

Is it possible to return the meat nose surgery?

You may have heard that people’s noses return to their previous state after surgery.
Due to the advancement of surgical techniques, this does not happen today, but you should note that the choice of doctor is very influential in this matter. Because if the surgeon is not properly familiar with the special methods of this type of surgery, this can happen.

Who should not have rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty may be dangerous for the health of some people. Therefore, it is better to provide your doctor with all your physical problems and medical and drug records during the consultation so that he knows the details of your general health condition.

Some of the people who have a ban on nose job:
People with certain diseases such as hemophilia.
People who have had less than a year since their previous nose surgery.
Athletes who are active in disciplines where there is a high probability of seeing a nose injury; Like martial arts.
Pregnant women (should not have a nose job during pregnancy).
Women who have given birth less than 6 months ago.
People who want nose surgery due to mental disorders.
Overweight people


The duration of swelling caused by nose surgery

The healing of nasal congestion is different for each person. But usually, in people who have a fleshy nose, more time is needed after the surgery for the swelling of the nose to improve. It usually takes 6 months to 1 year for nasal swelling to heal after surgery.

How much does rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of rhinoplasty is different for each person, and the surgeon can comment on it after consultation sessions. In total, the cost of rhinoplasty includes the following:

The type of the patient’s nose.
City of surgery.
Clinic or hospital where surgery is performed.
The salary of the surgeon is determined based on experience and expertise.
Post-operative care such as medication.
Preoperative tests.
Imaging before and after the operation.

What is the duration of gluing meat noses?

The method of gluing in meat and bone noses is not different. But normally, the duration of gluing in meat noses will vary from three to four weeks. Also, it is better to know that the duration of gluing is not different for men and women.

Care after fleshy and bony nose surgery is no different from each other, but the only thing to be careful about is that depending on the type of nose, the duration of gluing will be slightly different.

The right time for nose surgery for pregnant women

The only point that needs to be taken care of is that pregnant women can apply for nose surgery for one year after the end of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

The period between nose surgery and childbirth must be about two to three years. Because it is necessary that the swelling and hormonal changes that occur in women have less effect on the operation of the nose.

What is the effect of the skin on the result of rhinoplasty?

The skin will have a significant impact on the result of rhinoplasty. Usually, the result of bony nose surgery is not different from that of fleshy nose, what will affect the result of the surgery is the skin of the nose. For example, people are told that the result of meaty nose surgery will vary due to the thickness of the skin, but in bony noses, due to the thin skin they have, they can be given a score of 20. On the other hand, a very important point is that excessive thinness of the skin will reduce the result of the operation.

Finally, during surgery, if the right technique is performed, the result will be favorable, but very thin and thick skin has a great impact on the result of the nose.

How effective is corticosteroid injection in reducing nasal swelling?

After nose surgery, if the swelling does not decrease to the required extent, corticosteroid injection is performed, which is usually higher in noses with meat compared to bony noses.

Excellent result of rhinoplasty

The result of fleshy nose surgery is different compared to bony nose surgery where the skin is thinner, but the result of both types of nose is improvement and elimination of nose problems.

But a very important point is that you should be realistic and go to a plastic surgeon to solve your nose problems so that surgical procedures can be performed and finally bring you a satisfactory surgical result.

Finally, if you want to know that you need nose surgery, you can take a picture of your nose and send it to the nose surgeon so that nose problems are diagnosed and then the necessary measures for nose surgery are taken.

What is the difference between fleshy and bony nose?

In fact, noses are divided into bone and flesh based on the type of skin, which is the most important factor. Bone noses have thin and usually dry skin, and fleshy noses have thick skin, the surface of which usually has many sebaceous glands. It is possible that people with hump noses still have thick and oily skin, and these people belong to the category of fleshy noses. On the contrary, this also applies to people who have a wide and large nose tip, but still have thin skin.

But because usually in people who have thin skin, the details under the skin such as cartilage and bone are clear, defects of the bridge of their nose can be seen, and for this reason, their noses are generally humped.

While in fleshy noses, the thickness of the skin and fat layer makes the nasal bone not clear and the defects of the nasal septum are not identified.