nose surgery fantasy

Fancy rhinoplasty will require a destructive operation. In this type of surgery, it is necessary to destroy and reduce most of the nasal cartilages; So that the nose has a significant arch, which is generally out of standard. Also, the shape of the nose should become too thin and the nostrils are also weakened.

The importance of fancy nose surgery in choosing the best surgeon

The nose is one of the most prominent parts of the face, which, after the eyes, will have a significant impact on the beauty of people. Therefore, the result of nose surgery should be as perfect as possible. A very important point in nose surgery is that, in addition to ensuring the beauty of the patient’s face, it does not cause respiratory complications. This is where the importance of choosing a skilled surgeon for rhinoplasty becomes clear and the experience of the surgeon is also very important.

Who is fancy nose surgery suitable for? ​

This nose model is not suitable for every face. In fact, we do not recommend a fancy nose model to people who have coarse components in their face composition. Also, in people with fleshy noses or those with thick facial skin, the result of fancy nose surgery will not be very favorable and the abnormality of the nose after the operation is quite evident.

What is the meaning of semi-fantasy nose surgery?

Fancy nose surgery is actually the result of a destructive nose operation that is usually associated with breathing problems. In nose surgery, it is possible to create a fantasy state by slightly increasing the nasal arch and some changes, which does not mean severe destruction of the cartilages of the nose (which happens in fantasy surgery). A common term for this procedure is the semi-fantasy rhinoplasty that patients use. But in fact, the fantasy or the so-called semi-fantasy of a nose is different according to everyone’s criteria.

Is fantasy nose surgery different from a doll?

Contrary to popular belief, what is sometimes called doll nose surgery is fantasy surgery and the two are not different from each other. It is emphasized again that the realism of the changes is of great importance so as not to lead to respiratory problems in the patient. If the patient’s request is non-standard, surgery should not be performed for him. Because of course, in the following years, he will refer to a nose surgeon for secondary operations and to save his breathing.

The purpose of rhinoplasty

Consultations before nose surgery and explaining to the patient what kind of changes are going to be made to his nose, so that he likes it, are very necessary. Of course, the changes must be realistic and correspond to reality. It also does not cause respiratory problems in the patient. Because the first task of the nose is breathing and then the beauty of the face. By putting these goals together, the patient will achieve a suitable and desirable result.

Procedures before nose surgery ​

  • After the nose surgery applicant has made his personal decision based on performing this surgery, he should be careful in choosing a good fantasy nose surgeon to avoid possible complications.
    The next step is attending the pre-operative counseling session. In this meeting, the patient must explain his expectations and purpose of the operation to the doctor; Therefore, this meeting is very important.
    In case of using any type of medicine, suffering from drug allergy or underlying diseases, the doctor should be informed about it.
    Before rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon prescribes tests for his patient that the patient must perform and take the result with him on the day of the operation to provide the doctor.

Before the rhinoplasty surgery, the doctor will give you other instructions, if you follow them, you will get a better experience from your rhinoplasty.
These necessary measures include the following:

The use of aspirin and similar drugs that cause blood thinning is prohibited for 2 weeks before the operation.
Cigarettes and any substance containing nicotine lead to narrowing of blood vessels and impaired blood supply. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to smoke 2 hours before the operation


Procedures before nose surgery

  1. Alcoholic drinks also disrupt blood supply with the same effect as smoking, and their consumption is prohibited 2 weeks before the operation.
    It is suggested to include more fluids and nutrients and useful substances in your nutrition system so that recovery after surgery appears faster.
    The patient must be fasting on the day of surgery; Avoid eating and drinking for 8 hours after the procedure. Because otherwise, the contents of the stomach may return and close the patient’s airway.
  2. Take a bath the day before surgery.
    Ladies should appear without nail polish and makeup and men with minimal beard and mustache.
    It is forbidden to wear any kind of ornaments and metal ornaments.
    Preferably, have a loose dress with an open front that can be worn comfortably after the operation
    On the day of nose surgery, be at the surgery site half an hour before the scheduled time with a companion.

What are the best nose surgery methods?

The types of nose surgery depend on the type and location of the surgery. Based on the surgeon’s experience and opinion, one of the following two methods is performed:

Open: In this method, incisions are made in the blade between the two nostrils. After the skin is separated from the nose structure, the necessary changes are applied. In this method, the surgeon has complete knowledge of the nose. Therefore, the probability of asymmetry and occurrence of such complications is greatly reduced.

Closed: In this method, incisions are made from inside the nostrils and the skin will not be damaged much. Closed nose surgery is usually the second priority of surgeons. Because the surgeon’s view of the nose is limited in it. Of course, in closed nose surgery, bruising and swelling are less than open nose surgery.

Everything you need to know about doll revision surgery

  1. The patient is put under general anesthesia.
    The septum between the two nostrils or the columella is cut and opened by the surgeon.
    The skin of the nose is lifted from the nose so that the main structure of the nose can be seen and the surgeon begins his work to make changes in the structure of the nose.
    All incisions made inside and outside the nose are carefully sutured.
    Generally, sutures are absorbable and do not need to be pulled. Of course, the stitches on the skin surface must be pulled.
    A tampon is placed inside the nose to preserve the structure of the nose.
    To maintain the shape of the nose, plaster is placed on the nose.

How long does it take to recover after nose surgery?

After a week, they remove the splint from the nose. After that, there are no more noticeable marks on your face. Of course, sometimes the healing of bruises may take up to 2 weeks. After that, the swelling of the face subsides and the bruises are removed. After one month, the patient can even do light sports.

After 2 months, the bones have good stability, and it is easy to wear glasses, fins, and heavier sports. During the next three months, the numbness and unnatural and sometimes annoying feelings will also say goodbye to you, and after a year, you will have your new nose shape.

Important tips to speed up recovery after surgery

  1. Take your surgeon’s advice seriously. The most useful information and instructions will be given to you by a good plastic surgeon.
    In case of any unusual feeling, tell your doctor immediately.
    keep your head up; Even while sleeping! Sleeping on your side will cause swelling and prolong the healing process and may cause your nose to tilt to one side.
    Be sure to use an ice pack for 72 hours after the operation. But put it on your cheeks; So that no change is made in the bone or cartilage.
    Get enough rest during the day.
    By eating a healthy diet, give your body the nutrients it needs to heal.

Important tips to speed up recovery after surgery

  1. Avoid taking hot showers or eating hot foods. Heat prevents the swelling of your nasal tissues from healing.
    Don’t fan.
    Try to use your mouth more to breathe.
    Do not expose to sunlight. Your skin in the nose area may burn or even cause your wounds to darken and swell.
    Do not wear glasses..
    Do not smoke and avoid exposure to smoke.
    Do not do heavy exercise unless your doctor gives you permission.

    be patient. Although the things mentioned above are very practical, they cannot significantly reduce your treatment period. By simply following them, you can have an easier experience of fancy nose surgery and spend your recovery period more easily.

What are the consequences of fantasy nose surgery? ​

Nose operations that are performed for the patient in a fantasy and doll form, due to the excessive destruction of the underlying cartilages, usually have a lifespan of about four to five years, so that today, patients who performed these surgeries about ten years ago, for Secondary operations refer. To perform nose reconstruction surgery, we will need cartilages from other parts of the body, such as rib cartilage, so that we can reconstruct the damaged cartilages, which was caused by unrealistic requests of patients in the past.

The difference between fancy and natural nose surgery

The shape of the fantasy nose is such that we see clear differences with the nose that has been operated in a natural way. The characteristics of a fancy nose include an excessive arch, a smaller size of the nose, and its high head.

The cost of fancy nose surgery

The cost of rhinoplasty depends on various factors. In fact, it is impossible to specify the exact cost before the examination and necessary investigations. Therefore, to get more information about the cost of nose surgery, consult a plastic surgeon.

Last point

Finally, let’s say that the best nose operation is in such a way that the least possible damage is done to the cartilages of the nose, the patient’s breathing is not damaged, and the patient has a good appearance.

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