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For several years, natural nose surgery has been very popular among people who intend to have cosmetic nose surgery. In previous years, the doll nose model had a special place among the applicants and many people requested nose surgery in a fantasy style. But due to its non-scientific and unprincipled nature, as well as the structural and breathing problems that followed, the popularity of fantasy and doll noses has decreased to a great extent today. Fortunately, most people have come to believe that just being small, high and arched nose cannot be the reason for its beauty; Because beauty is in proportion and simplicity.

Natural rhinoplasty, which is done by changing the bone or cartilage, is called natural rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty is one of the main and most widely used operations among those who seek more beauty in their face. Rhinoplasty is usually performed to restore the nose after an injury, to correct breathing problems or birth defects, or because the client is not satisfied with their appearance.

The normal nose surgery method keeps the shape of the nose in a natural state to a large extent and focuses mainly on nasal problems such as breathing problems. Therefore, the most appropriate type of nose surgery can be known and bring the highest level of satisfaction to the patient.

Natural nose surgery to fix nose defects in a natural way

The surgical technique and method is chosen by the doctor according to the patient’s condition. The difference between these two methods is in the type and location of the incisions that are made during nose surgery. In the past, the closed method was mostly used, but after the acquisition of new techniques, the use of open surgical technique is currently preferred.

Advantages of open natural nose surgery

In open surgery, an incision is made on the columella. In this case, the possibility of analysis of the support of the tip of the nose is less than the closed method. In the open method, the surgeon has a more complete view of the structure of the patient’s nose. Therefore, in more complicated surgeries, the open method is more suitable.
In an open nose auction, the probability of asymmetry also decreases.

Advantages of closed nose surgery

In the closed method, the amount of swelling and bruising is less compared to the open procedure. Because in this case there is no cut on the skin of the nose. Therefore, the duration of the operation is shorter compared to the open method. Also, the recovery period after the operation will be much shorter in the closed method, and the amount of bruising and swelling experienced by the patient is less.

If we need to apply structural changes and corrections to the tip of the applicant’s nose, the open-to-closed method is preferable.

Effects of natural nose surgery on facial beauty

The most important goal of natural nose surgery is to fix nasal defects. For example, a person with a humped nose can use this style of surgery to fix the problem of the hump of his nose, without the nose losing its original shape. In natural rhinoplasty, by changing the shape of the tip of the nose, the width of the nose, and the bridge of the nose, we try to maintain maximum harmony with the other parts of the face while beautifying the nose. In such a way that patients express high satisfaction with the result of the natural operation.

What are the reasons for people to go for natural nose surgery?

Some patients choose to perform this model of nose surgery due to breathing problems, as well as the curvature of the nose or having a hump in their nose; In the hope that the appearance problems and anatomical defects of their noses will be corrected to a great extent. In the following, we will introduce some examples of these reasons:

Correcting the shape of the hump of the nose.
Change in the shape of the tip of the nose.
Changing the length of the nose.
Changing the width of the nose.
Changing the size of the nostrils.
The need for re-operation of the nose to correct the previous surgery.
Open the nasal passages.
Resolving structural problems that cause breathing disorders.

What is the most suitable age for nose surgery?

If the nose job is done at a young age and before a person reaches full maturity, it will have negative effects on his facial growth. so that his face will not be normal in adulthood. This is why nose surgeons emphasize that if you intend to operate, you should operate at the best age for nose surgery, i.e. 20-30 years. Because in this age range the parts of the person’s face have fully grown and he has reached full maturity intellectually and physically. Also, the decision that a person makes during this period to perform nose cosmetic surgery is not due to the feelings and conditions of the puberty period of youth; The skin has also maintained its elasticity and elasticity.

What is the most suitable age for nose surgery?

Minimum suitable age for natural rhinoplasty

In general, it can be said that girls must be at least 16 years old and boys must be at least 18 years old to perform natural nose surgery. In any case, to perform rhinoplasty, the surgeon must examine all the parts of the face in order to reach the full maturity of the person, and if the growth of the nasal cartilages is confirmed, the consultation and procedures before rhinoplasty can be carried out.

Maximum suitable age for natural rhinoplasty

Usually, rhinoplasty is not performed after the age of 60. Because after this age, the elasticity of the skin has been lost significantly. This means that the skin and the nose itself become more and more droopy. Therefore, the nose surgeon cannot make changes in the general shape of the nose or its tip and bring a satisfactory result to the patient. The recovery period will also take a long time.

Also, exposure to anesthesia will be dangerous for people over 60 years old. In such a situation, you should consult with a good nose surgeon so that he can provide you with a suitable proposal after a complete examination of the conditions.

Advice and care before performing natural nose surgery

You must definitely make the final decision for nose surgery, whether naturally or with any other method, you must consult your doctor to make your final decision to perform nose surgery. After finalizing the decision to perform natural nose surgery, you should pay attention to several of your activities before performing the operation, which we will mention below:

Before doing the nose job, you should do the necessary tests.
For 2 weeks before the operation, avoid taking certain drugs that affect the anesthesia process and increase blood flow.
Report any underlying medical conditions to your doctor.
Increase your water intake a few days before the procedure.

Care after normal nose surgery

The care after performing a natural nose operation is very important and if you do not follow any of the things that the doctor informs you about, it may cause a lot of damage to your nose, so we recommend you to follow each of these Pay attention to the tips.

Tips to follow after nose surgery

  • Take the medicines prescribed by your doctor at the prescribed time and in the amount indicated.
    After the operation and for 72 hours, use an ice compress on the areas around your eyes and cheeks to help reduce swelling and bruising after the operation.
    After several hours of the operation, you can use soft and thin foods, but note that you cannot use foods that require prolonged chewing until 2 weeks after the operation.
    If you feel any pain, use the painkillers prescribed by the doctor.
    Avoid moving in crowded environments as well as physical activities.
The cost of normal nose surgery

To know the cost of natural nose surgery and also to consult a doctor, you can contact the contact numbers on the page about us. But in general, pay full attention to the fact that performing a nose job certainly requires an experienced doctor with experience in this field, because one of the most basic parts of the face that has a great impact on a person’s beauty is the person’s nose, and this operation must It should be done in the best way to achieve the patient’s satisfaction. Otherwise, it will cause irreparable damage to you.

The effect of choosing the best natural rhinoplasty doctor on facial beauty

In performing normal nose surgery, you should pay maximum attention in choosing the right doctor. The basic principle in the operation of nose beauty is that, in addition to beautifying, there should be no respiratory complications. This is where the importance of choosing a skilled surgeon for rhinoplasty becomes clear. Our recommendation for you to perform natural nose surgery in Tehran is Dr. Reza Vaqardoost, who can help you a lot with his long experience in cosmetic procedures and obtaining high satisfaction from his patients.


In this text, we tried our best to help you to perform natural nose surgery, but again, the final decision should be made by you and in consultation with the doctor.

Thank you for being with us in this section, you can send us your comments or share your questions with us.