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Secondary rhinoplasty

Sometimes people may not be satisfied with the shape of their nose after a rhinoplasty, or they may seek re-surgery for their nose due to breathing problems, etc., an important recommendation for those who are candidates for surgery primary and secondary nose surgery) avoid surgery by non-specialists. Especially nose reconstruction surgery which is more important.

Those who did not get a good result from their surgery and intend to do it again, if the real criticisms and expectations are reasonable, they can be candidates for reconstructive surgery.

How much does secondary rhinoplasty cost and when should it be done:

Reasons for patient surgery and indications for secondary nose surgery:

Difficulty in breathing, shrinking of the nostrils, dissatisfaction with the appearance of the nose, or the disproportion of the face with the operated nose.
These people must have realistic and reasonable expectations to perform the operation again, and a year has passed since their previous operation, so that they can perform the secondary nose operation.

When should we go for secondary rhinoplasty?

Approximately one year after the initial nose surgery, if the nose has a serious problem that is diagnosed by the surgeon, this surgery can be performed after one year.

First, you must choose a highly professional plastic surgery subspecialist to perform this surgery, after viewing the samples of the selected doctor’s work, contact his office and come for an initial visit. Take any photos and medical documents from your previous surgery with you and show them to your surgeon during this meeting.

Be careful to inform your nose surgeon of all your nose problems so that this surgery can be performed according to your wishes. Sometimes people need to repair the tip of the nose, so with a closed nose surgery, you can fix their nose problem.

By performing reconstructive nose surgery, many problems can be corrected, which include:

If the hump of the nose has not been removed in the primary surgery.
When they suffer from drooping at the tip of the nose.
The tip of the nose is too high.
Resolving breathing problems caused by primary nose surgery.

For some patients, the question arises that why should they wait 1 year for reconstructive nose surgery?

Due to the swelling that occurs after rhinoplasty, sometimes this swelling continues up to a year after rhinoplasty and it needs time to completely resolve the swelling. Therefore, it is better to apply for surgery after one year if you are not satisfied with the shape of your nose.

Tips about secondary rhinoplasty

Friends who refer for nose reconstruction surgery, it is better to have realistic expectations from this surgery.

Sometimes the surgeon determines that this surgery is not suitable for the person, so avoid insisting on surgery if the surgeon does not have the discretion.

It must be one year since your nose surgery.

You must be in good physical condition.

Procedures before secondary rhinoplasty

Procedures and care after secondary rhinoplasty are the same as primary rhinoplasty. Therefore, it is better for the client to observe the following:

Avoid taking medicines such as aspirin, because it increases the chance of bleeding.
Smoking is prohibited from one month before to one month after nose surgery.
Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages separately.
Ladies, remove your makeup before rhinoplasty.
Gentlemen should trim their beards and sideburns before nose surgery.
Women who have nail implants should trim their nails before surgery.

Secondary rhinoplasty methods

If the rhinoplasty requires minor changes, the surgeon uses a closed approach. But if the changes made are very large, this surgery needs to be done by an open method.

Duration of secondary rhinoplasty

Due to the complexity of the surgery, the duration of secondary nose surgery may be 2 to 3 hours.

Care after secondary rhinoplasty
Stop smoking for one month after surgery, because it increases swelling.
Avoid consuming any alcoholic beverages.
Take prescribed medications on time.
Celery juice and pineapple juice are suitable for reducing swelling and speeding up recovery.
Avoid chewing hard foods as much as possible.
Walking is recommended for you from the day after surgery.
Minimize the consumption of salt and spices to reduce swelling.
Avoid being in crowded places. Because it increases the probability of hitting the nose.
Place your head a little higher than your body while resting, for this you can use two pillows under your head.
Laughing and talking too much for a week should be reduced.

When should we visit our doctor after rhinoplasty?

Approximately one week to 10 days after the surgery, it is necessary to visit the doctor’s office to remove the cast. Therefore, make the necessary arrangements with the secretary of your surgeon’s office to determine the exact time.

Cost of nose surgery

The cost of secondary rhinoplasty is slightly higher than primary rhinoplasty because the surgeon needs more time and sometimes even cartilage grafting to repair and reconstruct the created problems.

You can send your photos directly to Dr. Vaqardoost to check the cost of secondary rhinoplasty in detail so that the possible cost can be sent to you.

Examples of secondary rhinoplasty