Injection cheek gel

One of the popular methods for injecting gel is injecting gel into the cheek. In this way, it helps to make your face more beautiful by highlighting the cheeks, and it can eliminate the signs of aging in you as you age.

Young people inject gel to rejuvenate and highlight their cheeks, so that by increasing the volume of the cheeks, it will have a great effect on making their face more beautiful. In older people, due to aging and drooping of the cheeks, with the help of this method, wrinkles resulting from aging and finally returning the shape of the cheeks to the original state can be effective in making people’s faces look more beautiful.

Everything we need to know about cheek gel injections

Normally, with the increase in age and the decrease in collagen production of the skin, the cheeks and other parts of the face face drooping, for this reason, people are looking for low-risk and low-cost ways to keep their skin and face young. Gel injection is one of the ways that you can use to improve your self-confidence and have an attractive and youthful face.

What are the benefits of cheek gel injections?

  • By using this method, you can have prominent cheeks, and by using this method, you can remove the damage of aging as well as dry skin.
    The duration of this procedure is usually short, and depending on the dosage and the brand of the gel, it usually lasts for a long time between 6 months and 2 years.
    Another advantage of cheek gel injection is that you don’t need anesthesia and you can easily carry out your daily activities after the gel injection.
    Whenever you are dissatisfied with the result of injecting gel into your cheek, you can drain the gel with the help of your doctor, and eventually your cheek will return to its normal state before gel injection.
    Usually, due to the compounds in the gel after the injection and the passage of time after the injection, the gel is absorbed by the skin and does not harm the facial tissues.

What are the side effects of gel injection?

In general, if the gel injection is performed by an experienced doctor and in a reputable center, there will be no special or serious side effects. But generally, the side effects of gel injection are short-term and disappear after a few days. Here are some of these complications:

Redness and inflammation at the injection site.
Slight bruising and slight swelling.
Numbness at the injection site.
In some cases, the patient feels sleepy.

Procedures before cheek gel injection

The first and most important principle for gel injection is to refer to an experienced doctor and also to do this work in reputable centers so that it does not cause any special complications for you and you are satisfied with this procedure. In the next step, after consulting with your doctor, it is better to take some measures before injecting the gel, as we will discuss some examples of these measures below:

Avoid taking blood thinners, smoking and alcohol before the procedure.
Avoid using cosmetic creams.
Limit the use of anti-inflammatory drugs.
Inform your doctor about all the medications you are taking.

Actions after injecting the gel into the cheek

  • After the gel injection, use sunscreen when leaving the house.
    Avoid using cosmetic creams.
    After injecting the gel, use an ice compress and take all the medicines prescribed by the doctor at the prescribed times to reduce the amount of inflammation and pain caused by the injection.
    Avoid applying pressure or massaging the gel injection site.
    Do not sleep for 48 hours after the injection on the face.
    Avoid alcohol and smoking for a week after the injection.

The cost of injecting gel into the cheek

One of the least expensive methods of skin rejuvenation and removing skin wrinkles is usually gel injection. Of course, the final cost of gel injection depends on various factors, including the doctor, the gel brand, and the amount of gel injection, which you can find out about the final cost by contacting our office and performing the necessary tests and consultations.

Choose the best specialist for cheek gel injection

One of the main and most important principles of gel injection is choosing an experienced doctor who can help you do this and get the best result for you. Our advice to you is not to do this procedure by inexperienced people in order to spend less money so that you don’t have any complications. Also, to perform all cosmetic procedures and gel injection, you can consult Dr. Reza Vaghardoost and then proceed to perform this procedure.

In this text, we tried our best to familiarize you with all the necessary procedures for cheek gel injection. Thank you for being with us and helping us progress by registering your comments.