Injection lip gel

Gel injection is one of the methods of beauty that has attracted the attention of many people today and is used by both women and men. In general, we all want to have a beautiful and well-groomed appearance and also the parts of our face are in perfect harmony with each other, for this reason we start doing beauty procedures on our face and body to achieve what we want as soon as possible. let’s find But the most important point that we should pay attention to is to consult with an experienced doctor who will get the best result for us.

The extraordinary effect of lip gel injection on the beauty of the lips

One of the lip highlighting methods that has become popular these days is injecting gel into the lip tissue, which can result in beautiful and prominent lips for you. Most people enjoy having beautiful and prominent lips, in these cases they can achieve their desire by doing this method.

Getting to know the types of gel injections

In general, the gels available in the world are divided into two categories: permanent gels and temporary gels. But in general, temporary gels can be a better option for you, because you can restore your lips to their original state in case of any problems, asymmetry, and tiredness of the lip shape. Permanent gels, as their name suggests, have a longer shelf life. Of course, the type of injectable gel and the amount of injection should be done in consultation with the doctor in order to get a good result from it. Also, we advise you to avoid injecting in places other than the doctor’s office because it may cause adverse effects for you.

How long does the gel injection last?

The shelf life of gel injection can depend on various factors that we will mention below.
The type of gel used for injection: temporary gels between 6 to 9 months, semi-permanent gels for about 1 to 2 years, and also permanent gels have a relatively longer shelf life than other types of gels.
Gel brand: Another factor affecting the gel’s durability on the lips is the type of brand you use, which can vary depending on the gel’s durability.
Lip volume: The higher the volume and the more gel is injected, the longer the shelf life and the less need for repair.
Skin conditions and body metabolism rate: the more the body has a metabolism, the faster the gel is absorbed and finally its shelf life is reduced.

How much gel should be injected into the lips?

This depends on various factors and is not the same for all people. The condition of the lips and the degree of lip prominence are determining factors, which will be clarified after consulting a doctor.

Benefits of lip gel injections

  • After injecting the gel, the lip texture will take your desired shape well.
    The amount of lip volume can vary according to your wishes.
    The duration of gel injection can be during several stages until you reach your desired volume.
    After injecting the gel, a bump may appear on the lip, which can be easily removed with this method.
    In some cases, it can have less effects and bruising than other lip enhancement methods.
    In this method, allergic reaction is very rare and happens very rarely.

Disadvantages and disadvantages of gel injection

Of course, none of the beauty procedures will be without complications, but in general, the complications caused by gel injection disappear after a few days. Also, choosing a doctor and the type of gel brand can help you reduce the possibility of side effects to a great extent.

For which people is lip gel injection suitable?

Gel injection is not limited to a certain age and everyone can use it, but it is better to inform the doctor about your underlying diseases before doing this procedure. Also, inform your doctor of any allergies caused by the use of lidocaine or any medication.

Important actions after injecting lip gel

In general, this method does not have any special side effects, but you may have swelling or bruises in your lip area for a few days, but by observing the following, you can speed up your recovery process to a great extent.

Use an ice pack after the injection.
Within one to two days after injecting lip gel, avoid heavy sports activities. Because it may lead to bruising or swelling by increasing blood circulation in the body.
Increase the amount of water you consume during the day and keep your body hydrated.
If you feel pain, use the painkillers prescribed by your doctor.
Do not apply lip makeup for 24 hours after this injection.

The cost of lip gel injection

This cost depends on various factors, including the doctor, the brand of gel, and the amount of dosage, but you can know the final cost of lip gel injection by contacting Dr. Vaqardoost’s office and consulting with the doctor. But be sure to pay attention to the fact that gel injection is a specialized work and must be done by a specialist doctor, so don’t do it by paying a lower fee and don’t risk your health.

Choose the best doctor to inject lip gel

We recommend you to consult Dr. Reza Vaghardoost for this procedure so that you will be very satisfied with the result.

last word

In this section, we tried to answer all the questions that may arise for you and help you to perform this injection.

And finally, thank you again for being with us. You can also comment all your questions in the comment section so that we can answer them as soon as possible.