Injection Fat to the chin

The beauty and fit of the facial features is a pleasant thing for each of us. For this reason, many people try to correct their facial defects. We all know that to have a beautiful and symmetrical face, all parts of our face are equally important and play a key role. One of these parts, which happens to play an important and vital role that we will discuss in this article, is the chin. An oval chin and then a proper jaw angle alone can change your face shape to a great extent. Fortunately, nowadays, with the advancement of medical science in the field of beauty, chin defects can be fixed with different methods. One of these methods is fat injection to the chin. In the following, we have mentioned all the points that you need to know and follow in this matter. We hope this article can be a suitable guide for you.

Zero to one hundred fat injections to the chin

Fat injection to the chin is a non-invasive, pain-free and bleeding procedure that is performed by a specialist doctor. Fat injection to the chin can have various reasons. Some people go to the doctor to rejuvenate and remove wrinkles in this area, and one of the first suggestions of the doctor for them will be fat injection to the chin. Fat injection is prescribed for a thin face and there is no problem.

Some people also resorted to this procedure to increase the volume of the chin with fat. Because chins that have depressions or chins that are receding can be corrected to a significant extent with fat chin implants and fat chin augmentation. Twin chins can also be corrected by injecting fat into the chin. Those who have suffered a fractured chin for any reason can restore beauty and balance to their face by injecting fat into the chin. The last group are those who inject fat into the chin to enlarge or homogenize and balance the lines of the jaw and chin. The cost of injecting fat into the chin and increasing the volume of the chin with fat injection is not very high and is considered one of the low-cost ways to correct facial defects.

How to inject fat into the chin?

Definitely, those who have decided to do this work, before proceeding with fat injection to the chin, would like to have relatively detailed information about this non-surgical and non-invasive method and how to inject fat to the chin so that they can safely do this. take action According to this principle, it is necessary to carefully read the materials that we have prepared for you about the steps of fat injection to the chin.

Steps of fat injection to the chin

  • The first step is to consult with the best chin fat injection doctor near you. Exactly which people chin fat injection is suitable for, for example, whether fat injection is suitable for a thin face or not, is a task that can only be professionally handled by your doctor; So don’t rely on your own information and contact a specialist doctor.
    The way to inject fat into the chin is in such a way that your doctor removes the fat from a part of your body by applying anesthesia and using a special tool to use it for injecting fat into the chin. This is usually done using methods such as body jet or diplomacy. This work can be done both on an outpatient basis and under anesthesia under the supervision of a doctor.
    After this step, the doctor determines the points where the gel is to be injected proportionately and disinfects those points completely to prevent the penetration of germs and bacteria so that it does not cause infection in the future.
    Finally, the area in question, here we mean the chin, is completely numbed so that you don’t suffer any pain, and a certain amount of fat is injected into the chin, which the doctor has already seen fit.

    According to the steps of fat injection to the chin that we described above, you can have a general understanding and image of how to inject fat to the chin. As you read, this work is not complicated and painful, and by choosing the best chin fat injection doctor in your city, you can easily trust this method and try it. Fat injection for a thin face is the same.

Care before chin fat injection

Try to pay attention to keeping your body hydrated and consuming fruits and vegetables and useful and healthy foods before performing fat injection in the chin. Try to stop drinking alcohol and smoking at least one month before chin liposuction because it may increase bleeding during the procedure. Consult your doctor before taking any medication. If you have any allergies or sensitivities to certain substances or drugs, or if you have a history of related diseases, be sure to tell your doctor. In fact, it is better to bring the medical record and its details with you when you go for a visit.

How long does chin fat injection last?

You should note that the shelf life of chin fat injection depends on various factors. The skill of your doctor and the level of your care are among these factors. The meaning of care is that, for example, in the first weeks, avoid making strong movements on your face, like laughing hard. Do not bend and straighten too much. Try not to put pressure on the chin area with your hand for six weeks and finally be careful to prevent the injected fat from moving. If you follow these precautions and your doctor’s more detailed recommendations, chin fat injection will last for about 6 months. For permanent chin fat injection later, you can make the effects permanent by periodically recharging your injection at certain intervals that your doctor will inform you about.

What are the reasons for the hardening of the injected fat?

The hardening of the injected fat is one of the issues that can cause concern for a person who has injected fat into the chin. One of the mild side effects of fat injection is lumping or hardening of the fat in the injected area, which rarely occurs and is a relatively rare phenomenon. You should know that the probability of the injected fat becoming hard or lumpy by itself is very low; Because these cells are not artificial and are taken from the patient’s own body. So the reason for the hardening of the injected fat or the pelleting of the injected fat must be under the influence of an external factor. This complication occurs in the long term and its main cause is the lack of skill of the injecting doctor. Because it is because of this lack of skill that the doctor may use the wrong syringe or perform the injection wrongly and unprincipledly. But there is no need to worry because these pellets usually disappear by themselves after about 10 days.

How to prevent injected fat from becoming lumpy and hard?

Now that we have talked about the reason for the hardening of the injected fat, it is necessary to talk about the methods to prevent it. The first and most important issue in preventing this possible side effect of chin fat injection is to choose a trusted, reputable and skilled doctor. Do not be fooled by advertisements and low figures. Always remember in your mind that no cheap price in any specialty is without a reason. Don’t forget that nothing comes before your health and your beauty comes second. Your intention in doing this is to double the beauty of your face, not to make things worse and create new problems. The second issue is care after fat injection in the chin. Try to drink enough water and watch your diet. Try to avoid smoking, alcohol and any other type of tobacco that the doctor prohibits.

How to treat lumpiness and hardening of injected fat?

It is better to try to follow the slogan “prevention is better than cure” than to have more problems later. So our suggestion is to find out the reason for the hardening of the injected fat in the above paragraphs so that you don’t reach this stage. But if, for any reason, you have a problem with lumps and hardening of the fat after the chin implant, try not to be under the sun for a long time, do not expose yourself to UV rays, and try to do it on the palm and on the stomach. don’t sleep Finally, your doctor may decide to drain some of that fat or prescribe you a special type of massage.

Possible risks of fat injection to the chin

Before we discuss the possible risks of chin fat injection, it is necessary to point out some things that will greatly reduce your worries. First, fat injection into the chin is a non-invasive, outpatient, and completely safe procedure and has been approved by the FDA (an agency affiliated with the US Department of Health and Human Services). In addition to this, this method is more durable and safer than gel and filler injections, and has a short and comfortable recovery period. Finally, let’s mention that fat injection is no different for men and women, and it is completely safe and without long-term side effects for both. We have already mentioned about the lumping and hardening.

The cost of fat injection to the chin

The price of chin fat injection is really not that high. Fat injection to the chin generally does not cost much and is one of those beauty procedures that, although it is not considered a very expensive operation, leaves a very good effect on the beauty of the face. Finally, the price of chin fat injection depends on the amount of fat you need. In addition to that, there are costs including the visit fee and the cost of clinic services, which must be paid in addition to the cost of fat injection to the chin. No matter how skilled and reputable your doctor is, the price of chin fat injection will vary for you. Our suggestion is to contact your clinic or doctor to get more information about chin implant with fat and ask them for the details of the costs.

Final remarks

In the article you read, we tried to explain as much as possible the information you need to know about chin fat injection. At the end of this article, we need to mention some points. Note that fat injection to the chin is prohibited for pregnant women, people under 18 years old, those who have swallowing problems and those who intend to do plastic surgery or other on their face. Take time to find the best chin fat injection doctor and choose a reliable doctor. In addition, for more and better effects and permanent fat injection to the chin, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor at regular intervals to recharge the fat injection to the chin.