Injection lip fat

Lip fat injection is one of the most popular methods that is widely used today. For sure, all of us like to have prominent and beautiful lips, but sometimes with increasing age or the genetics of each person, the lips do not have a prominent shape. At this time, you can consult an experienced doctor to inject fat into the lips. Do that because of the removal and injection of body fat, there are no specific side effects and it is effective for a long time.

How does lip fat injection make people beautiful?

By injecting fat into the lips, the doctor can design the overall shape of the lips and its symmetry in the best way desired by the patient. The fat used for injection is removed from the patient’s own body in stages, and for this reason, the body can adapt more to this type of injection. After extracting the fat and during the preparation process, the doctor injects the fat into the lip tissue with local anesthesia and with the help of a syringe to achieve the desired shape.

The extraordinary effects of lip fat injection

  • Eliminating lip defects
    Correction of lip structure
    Highlighting and increasing lip volume
    Eliminate lip sagging caused by smoking, gravity, injury and aging
    lip rejuvenation

The difference between fat injection and other lip enhancement methods

  • In general, gel injection can be more effective than other lip enhancement methods, and the reason for this is that body fat is used, and as a result, the allergic reaction or side effects of this injection model are very small, and it also has a relatively long shelf life. Is.

    In general, this injection model achieves results with one to two treatment sessions and, unlike other methods, does not require an extension session.

Care before lip fat injection

  • The most important principle is to choose a specialist doctor.
    Pay close attention to all the doctor’s instructions during the consultation session.
    Avoid smoking and alcohol before fat injection.
    Inform your doctor about allergies and all medications you are taking.

Care after fat injection

  • Use an ice pack after fat injection.
    If you feel pain in the injection area, you can use painkillers prescribed by your doctor after consulting your doctor.
    Avoid pressure on the lips for a few days.
    When sleeping, sleep with the so-called open arch and do not lie on your face.
    After injecting the gel, do not keep your head down for a long time.
    Avoid heavy sports activities.
    Be careful when chewing food, laughing and talking after the injection.

Lip fat injection with the least side effects

In this type of injection, the probability of side effects is very low, but you may feel mild side effects, which will be fully recovered after a few days, which we will mention below:

Swelling in the lips.
red lips
Lip asymmetry if the injection is not performed by a specialist doctor.
Infection at the injection site.
Bruise in the lip area.

Lip fat injection cost

The cost of lip fat injection cannot be considered a fixed cost in general and depends on various factors, including the doctor himself, the amount of fat needed, and the injection sessions. But you can communicate with Dr. Vaqardoost’s office using the available communication channels and find out about the costs of lip fat injection.

Choosing the best doctor for lip fat injection in Tehran

The most important issue at the time of all cosmetic procedures and face symmetry is to choose an experienced and specialized doctor who can bring you a wonderful result and enjoy it. Our suggestion to you for lip fat injection is definitely Dr. Reza Vaqardoost, who can help you a lot with his long experience in the field of cosmetic surgery.

last word

In this text, we learned about the measures that may be useful for you to inject fat into the lips, thank you for being with us and helping us to progress by registering your comments and suggestions.