Injection Fat to the chest

Most women attach great importance to the beauty of their bodies, and in order to achieve this goal, today there are many and varied ways, from exercise to surgical procedures. Fat injection is a procedure to transfer body fat from one point to another, which is done with the aim of rejuvenation and beauty. Breast fat injection is also one of the same category. Increasing breast size can be effective in women’s self-confidence. Many women who have droopy breasts due to aging or have small breasts or, in some cases, asymmetrical breast size, may consider breast augmentation with breast fat injection.

In breast fat injection, fat is removed from another part of the body and by injecting into the breast, it increases the size of the breast with a natural and attractive appearance.

The effect of breast fat injection on body beauty

The steps of fat injection to the breast are similar to other fat injection procedures that are performed for cosmetic purposes. In the operation of fat injection to the breast, the fat required for injection is extracted from one of the other organs, which is said to be the donor organ, such as the hip, thigh or abdomen, by liposuction. Fat extraction by liposuction has different types, some of which can damage fat tissue by using laser radiation.

Breast fat injection requires undamaged fat tissue, so before performing this procedure, you should do the necessary research to find the best breast fat injection doctor to make sure that the best method of extracting and injecting breast fat is adopted. To extract fat from the donor organ, it is usually necessary to perform local anesthesia. Small incisions are made on those organs so that the required fat can be extracted through those incisions with a liposuction machine.

What are the stages of breast fat injection?

Extracted fat has impurities. In this step of the steps of fat injection into the breast, a special device called a centrifuge is used to obtain pure fat tissue. Then this pure fat tissue is ready to be injected and is used through special syringes for fat injection into the breast.

Limited side effects of breast fat injection

Breast fat injection is a safe method that helps to keep the body young and fresh. Regarding the side effects of fat injection in the breast, it should be said that this method does not have acute side effects and at most it may cause swelling, bruising, and redness. But in the following, we point out the complications that may occur after fat injection to the breast:

For unknown reasons, the injected fat may become hard and uneven and affect the appearance of the breast.
Sometimes a person may get an infection in the place where the fat is injected into the breast, in which case it should be controlled and improved under the care of a doctor.
Sometimes, because the doctor does not have enough skills, in the breast augmentation operation, the size of the breasts may become asymmetric. Of course, this complication can be repaired.
In the injection of fat into the breast, fat embolism may occur. Of course, this is a rare event, but it can lead to irreparable damage such as stroke, heart attack and even death.

Benefits of breast enlargement with fat injection

Breast fat injection to increase breast size has advantages over other breast enlargement methods that we discuss here;

In this method, liposuction is used, so it is possible to use the fat tissue of the patient’s own body. In this way, there is no or very little possibility that the body will reject the fat.
There is no need for a prosthesis or other foreign body in breast fat injection.
By choosing this method, you can get rid of extra fat in another part of your body at the same time.
The injected fat tissue is not perforated or empty.
Another advantage of breast augmentation with this method is achieving a natural and attractive appearance. Because the injected tissue is not a foreign body, but extracted from the person’s own body.
The recovery period after breast fat injection is very short.

What are the disadvantages of breast fat injection compared to breast implants?

In the previous sections, we learned about the benefits of breast fat injection and its complications. Now it is necessary to compare this method of breast enlargement with the method that is considered to be its competitor, which is breast prosthesis, and list some of its weaknesses so that you can choose the right method with a more open vision.

Disadvantages of breast fat injection

  • The technique of breast fat injection is very important and the result is very effective. For this reason, it is very important to choose a qualified doctor to reduce the error rate.
    The amount of breast size increase with fat injection is a maximum of one cup. This limitation may be one of the disadvantages of this method for those who want to increase their size.
    Prostheses have a special shape, so it is easier to guarantee the beauty of the breast after surgery. This is despite the fact that fat does not have a specific shape by itself.
    For patients with very large or very sagging breasts, implants can be more effective in combination with a breast lift.
    Breast implants can tighten breast skin and be effective for patients with small or misshapen breasts, but breast fat injections have little effect on breast shape or sagging.

Fat injection into the breast and its difficulty in diagnosing cancer

In the case of women who have a history of breast cancer among their family members, breast fat injection is not recommended. After fat injection, calcium may be deposited in the breast tissue. On the other hand, calcium deposition is one of the first signs of breast cancer in women; Therefore, in those who perform this procedure, in case of calcium deposition in the breast tissues, it is not possible to quickly and confidently say that this calcium deposition is one of the signs of breast cancer or just one of the side effects of fat injection into the breast. This is one of the reasons why your doctor may want to discourage you from doing this procedure and you should keep that in mind.

Care after breast fat injection

As we said before in explaining the benefits of this operation, the recovery period of this operation is very short. Usually, doctors inject fat into the breast in several stages so that the injected fat tissue enters the breast in a small amount each time and brings a symmetrical, beautiful and uniform appearance. Also, another reason for repeating the injection is that it may be rejected by the body. So, another goal is to maintain the durability of breast fat injection.

Regarding sports activities after breast fat injection, it should be said that walking is recommended from the very first days after the operation because walking increases the amount of blood circulation in the body, which is effective in the healing process. But you should note that performing heavy sports activities should be postponed for at least three weeks because high mobility may change the form of the injected fats and disrupt your desired appearance.

In addition to the care after fat injection to the breast, before performing this procedure, it is necessary to keep some points in mind;

Care before breast fat injection

  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages one to two weeks before breast fat injection.
    Quit smoking. In general, those who continuously use tobacco are not a suitable option for fat injection to the breast because the elasticity of the skin in these people is less than others.
    Before injection, it is better not to be exposed to the sun.
    Exercise to prepare yourself for your short recovery period. Of course, another benefit of exercise is that you can keep your body mass index in a range that prevents excessive fluctuations in your weight.

The effect of choosing an expert doctor on the shelf life of breast fat injection

We suggest that you do your best to find the best breast fat injection doctor because the result of this operation and the longevity of breast fat injection depend to a large extent on the expertise of your doctor. Some time after the operation, that part of the injected fat that is damaged during the extraction or purification process is removed from the body. In addition, the result of breast fat injection may fade with age. How much your weight remains constant over time is also effective in the durability of the result of this procedure. It is natural that if your lifestyle causes you to have extreme fluctuations in your weight, fat injection to the breast will not be the right option for your need to have well-shaped and beautiful breasts.

Breast fat injection costs

The cost of breast augmentation with fat injection depends on several factors, which we will try to create a picture of all aspects of doing this procedure for you by referring to them.

The first point worth mentioning is that the cost of fat injection to the breast is higher than the cost of gel injection. This higher price is due to the specific complications of this method and the fact that fat injection into the breast has more lasting and natural results.

Factors affecting the cost of breast fat injection

  • The amount of fat required for extraction and injection
    The needs and goals of the applicant to perform this procedure
    Selected clinic and medicine
    The number of counseling sessions needed before the operation

So far, we have found that fat injection into the breast is a low-trouble and non-acute method that has many fans these days among women who want to beautify their breasts. This operation does not require a long recovery period and the result is a natural and beautiful appearance. Of course, the quality of doing this depends to a large extent on the choice of the expert doctor and following his instructions about care after breast fat injection. If this operation is done well, between seventy and ninety percent of the fat tissue injected into the breast will survive in the body, and if the person does not experience severe weight fluctuations, the result of increasing the breast size will remain for a long time.