Injection Fat on the hips

Over the years, the human body loses its fresh and beautiful shape and becomes droopy. One of the most important parts undergoing these changes is the hips. Of course, exercising and following a proper diet helps to some extent, but still many women are not satisfied with the result. For this reason, in order to shape and shape the hips, they think of ways such as enlarging the hips by injecting gel or injecting fat into the hips. Buttock fat injection, which is also called Brazilian butt lift, is done by transferring fat from parts of the body to the buttock. In this method of buttock shaping, some fat is removed from areas such as the abdomen, thighs, and sides, and after separating that fat from other impurities, it is transferred to the buttocks. This transfer is done by making several small incisions on the buttock which, fortunately, will not be permanent after the surgery and will not create an unpleasant appearance.

Buttock fat injection without dangerous procedures

Choosing the right method largely depends on your body. In the method of fat injection to the buttock or Brazilian buttock lift, the fat of the person’s own body is used. So if you ask for whom buttock fat injection is recommended, we must say that first of all, the person’s body must have enough fat. As a result, for thin people who cannot transfer fat from areas such as thighs, abdomen, and sides, the only way is to inject gel or implant implants.

تزریق چربی به باسن

The possibility of using other people's body fat to inject fat into the buttocks

Since buttock fat injection is long-lasting and very effective in shaping the butt, thin people who don’t have enough fat to transfer to their butt may consider using fat from another body. But doctors do not recommend this because fat is a living tissue that enters the body and needs to be adapted to the body. If this fat is transferred from someone else’s body, the body may reject it due to incompatibility, and in that case, a new operation must be performed to drain that fat.

The right age for fat injection to the hips and its benefits

According to the advice of doctors, in order to perform this operation, it is necessary that the person has passed the puberty stage and his growth is complete; Therefore, the recommended minimum age is twenty-five years. Of course, this action will be effective as long as the skin has not lost its elasticity. For this reason, this procedure has a favorable effect up to the age of fifty-five, and after that age, it will not be very effective.

But among the benefits of fat injection to the hips, we can mention these points;

Buttock fat injection gives a natural and beautiful appearance to your butt.
Since in this method, the fat of the person’s own body is used, the risk of the body rejecting the fat is very low, and the possibility of infections such as those caused by the prosthesis is eliminated.
With this method, you can get rid of some excess fat in your body.
The recovery period of this surgery is very short.

Fat injection to the hips with the least complications

The risks and complications of fat injection to the buttocks are an important factor for those who choose this method. In general, we can say that this method is less dangerous than other methods and does not have special complications that make you do other surgeries to remove them.

Among the side effects observed in fat injection to the buttocks, the following points can be mentioned:

After surgery, the buttock will be swollen for some time. Usually up to three weeks. The amount of swelling can vary depending on the amount of fat injected. This inflation may mislead a person about the final result of the operation. For this reason, you should wait until the inflation is resolved to see the real result.
You may see bruising in the areas where the fat was removed for transfer. Bruising, inflammation or itching are normal reactions and nothing to worry about.
At the fat injection site, a person may experience some infection or bleeding. In this case, he should not use medicine arbitrarily. Proper care and under the supervision of a doctor will solve these problems regarding the location of the wounds.
The skin may develop cellulite or cracking at the fat injection site. Although this is a rare occurrence, it may happen and requires follow-up. Because it can indicate that the injected fat is not well absorbed.
If the doctor is not skilled, the injection may be asymmetrical and cause an unpleasant appearance.

What are the steps of a buttock lift?

As we mentioned before, for the Brazilian butt lift, the person’s own body fat is used. In this regard, it is necessary to anesthetize the part of the body from which the required fat is to be extracted. Anesthesia can be local or spinal depending on the condition and doctor’s diagnosis. Then they make small incisions in predetermined areas. From the place of these incisions, a special tube is inserted into the fat tissue. This place can be abdomen, side or upper thigh. Then, by moving this special tube called cannula back and forth, the fat tissue is separated and removed by the syringe connected to the cannula. At this stage, approximately three times as much fat as they want to inject is extracted.

Purification of fat extracted from the body

This obtained fat tissue contains a lot of blood and impurities and it is necessary to be processed before being injected in order to obtain the material needed for fat injection to the buttocks, which is pure fat tissue. In the next stage of fat injection to the buttock, pure fat is injected into the buttock through small injections and in a scattered form. Shaping the hips with fat injection, which is the main goal of this surgery, depends to a large extent on the fact that this fat injection is done in such a way that the result is uniform and covers the entire hip area and brings beauty to the person. This procedure may take between one and a half to four hours.

Is fat injection to the buttocks a costly procedure?

The fixed point is that insurance does not cover the cost of this cosmetic procedure. But how much the cost of fat injection to the butt or Brazilian butt lift depends on several factors. The amount of hip sagging, how much fat was injected, and how long the operation took all affect the cost of this operation. Usually, before such an operation, consultation sessions are held so that the doctor knows the wishes and tastes of the client and guides him to make the right decision. The cost of these sessions, in addition to the cost of pre-operative tests, the cost of the medical center where the operation is performed, the specialist’s fee, the cost of anesthesia and the drugs required later, are all variable and must be calculated separately for each individual who wants buttock fat injection. become

After fat injection to the hips, what care is necessary?

After performing this operation, it is necessary to pay enough attention to the care after fat injection to the hips that are recommended to you in order to achieve the desired result. The most important thing is to avoid sitting on your butt while sleeping on your back. To sit, it is necessary to use donut-shaped pillows that are empty in the middle and do not put weight pressure on the hips. It is recommended to use these pillows for eight weeks.

How long does the recovery period of fat injection to the buttocks take?

Of course, the recovery period after injecting gel into the buttocks is one week to ten days, and you can return to your daily activities after that. But it is better to delay heavy sports activities until the end of eight weeks in order to avoid changing the shape of the fat injected into the buttocks. Another care after fat injection to the buttocks that you should pay attention to in the long term is weight control. Losing or gaining weight has an effect on the amount of fat in the whole body and, as a result, the durability of fat injection to the hips.

The shelf life of fat injection to the buttocks

Observations indicate that this method is highly durable. Fat cells injected into the buttocks do not move around the body and retain their shape. In this way, the results of this operation will remain for years, but the extension of this injection after a few years will be useful. Because over time, some of these fats are absorbed into the buttock tissues.

Effective factors in the durability of fat injection to the buttocks

  • Fat removal site
    Age of the patient
    Injection technique and site
    life style
    The degree of compliance with the doctor’s recommendations before and after the operation

Buttock fat injection or Brazilian butt lift is one of the effective and long-lasting ways to shape the butt. This method is suitable for those people who have enough fat in their body to transfer to the hips. Because this method uses the tissue of the person’s own body and this tissue has sufficient compatibility with the body, it creates a natural and attractive appearance and has few side effects compared to other existing methods such as buttock enlargement with gel injection. The chance of infection in this way is low and the body usually does not reject the received fat.

The actual results of the surgery appear about three weeks after the operation. When the swelling caused by fat injection to the buttock is gone. The recovery period after injecting the gel into the buttocks is one week to ten days after this procedure, and after that the person can return to their daily activities. But it is necessary to avoid sitting on the hips and sleeping on the back for about eight weeks (depending on the doctor’s diagnosis and recommendation) so that the form of the injected fats does not change.

The cost of fat injection to the hips depends on many factors that we tried to comprehensively address above. One of the most important factors is the doctor you see. Finding the best buttock fat injection doctor is very important, so that the result is exactly what you want and high quality surgery is performed.

The durability of hip fat injection depends on many factors and it is suggested to extend this injection after a few years. Of course, it is necessary to share all these details with your doctor and ask for his opinion.